2020 Goals

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We are a few weeks into the “roaring 20s”. How is it going for you? Things are going well for me at the moment. It’s starting off much better than 2019 did. I didn’t have to worry about rebranding or website issues. That’s a good thing. I was a little stressed at the beginning of 2019 because things didn’t start off as planned. 2020 has started off much better.

Before 2019, I used to set between 8-12 goals each year. I was completing less than 50% of them. Last year, I decided to change that. Since my track record for completing my goals wasn’t the best, I chose to only set two goals in 2019. Below are my 2019 goals.

Goal #1 – Generate $36,000 in side hustle money.

Goal #2 – Eliminate $20,000 worth of debt by December 31st.

I didn’t generate $36,000 with my side hustles last year. I only made $12,405. To me, that sucks, but I did learn some things. I’ll tell you about that later in this post.

I didn’t complete goal #2 either. As of this writing, I have about $8500 to go. I’m motivated to have that done by mid-year. For a little more than half the year, I was only able to pay $200 extra to the debt per month. I had a couple of months where it was a struggle to do that. I took a step back and reevaluated some things. I got a new job and started putting more items on eBay. Those two things have allowed me the ability to pay over $800 on the debt each month starting in August. I know that this amount will grow this year. I can’t wait to pay the last $8500 of this goal.

I began to notice some things about my goals. Even though I completed some of them before, I’m not sure if I believed that I could finish the bigger goals 100%. Also, I’m not sure I did enough actionable steps. For example, when it comes to making an extra $36,000, I didn’t have a real plan. I basically said to myself, I’ll make this money with eBay, t-shirts and course sales. I didn’t have a real plan on how to market or promote my stuff to the masses.

I realize now that you have to have a detailed plan when it comes to your goals. If you don’t it’s just an elaborate wish. I wish I figured this out back in 2015. Here’s how I plan on making sure that I reach my goals in the future.

Actionable Steps

Like I stated earlier, I plan on coming up with actionable steps for goals. If I want to do something big, I’m going to have a plan with specific steps that will help me reach the goal. In the past, I didn’t do that. I have a notebook where I’ve been jotting down how I want to make some things happen. I think seeing the steps will help me make the goals a reality.


Your goals have to be realistic. The good thing is that reality can be whatever you want it to be. I remember telling people that I was going to do a cross country trip a few years ago. A few folks told me that I need to be realistic. The crazy thing is that I was being realistic. I knew that I’d be able to do a cross country trip. It took me a couple of years, but I saved money and planned it out. The trip happened in July 2013. It was one of my biggest goals. I was proud to make it happen.

With my future goals, I will continue to be realistic, but I will make sure that I have a plan.


The next thing that I’ll be doing is reviewing my goals at least once a month. I need them to be on my mind constantly so that I won’t forget them. I have goals listed in my planner. I also printed them out and taped them to my bedroom door.

Track Progress

Last, but definitely not least, I’m going to track my progress much better. I’ve tracked it before, but I will do much better this year. If my progress isn’t where it needs to be, I’ll update the goal or work harder to attain it.

2020 Goals

Last year, I set out to achieve two goals last year. Even though I didn’t reach them, I have 5 things that I want to do this year. I’ll be sharing two of my 2020 goals below.

Goal #1 – Be on 20 Podcast shows

Goal #2 – $20,000 Side Hustle Income

I want to truly grow my brand and my following this year. One way that it can happen is by being on different podcasts shows. I’ve been on a few in the past and I like it. I enjoy sharing my journey with people. I don’t want them to make the same mistakes that I did. To make sure that I reach this goal, I’m going to reach out to at least 50 podcast shows. Out of that 50, 20 of them have to be looking for guests.

I’ve set income goals before and I’ve never reached them. What makes this time different? I know that I have to do the work. If I want to make an extra $20,000 I need to break it up. Each month, I need to make $1667. If I can do that, I’ll reach my goal. Between eBay, this site, and my products (shirts, courses, & ebooks), I believe that I can do this. I have some new things coming out soon that will provide value. I just have to make sure that I share and promote it better than I’ve ever done. Below are a couple of things that I already have.

How to Make Money In Your Spare Time With eBay

T-Shirt Shop

Gumroad Store

Well, these are 2 of the five goals that I have for the year. I have to do better than I did last year and I will. Make sure you follow the journey.

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What is one of your 2020 goals?

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