5 Cool Destinations With More Than Just Beautiful Sights To See

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For most of us, traveling is about more than finding the perfect spot for your next Instagram post. If the idea of sitting on another beach for hours on end doesn’t get you excited then it might be time to start finding some alternative holiday spots. Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of five cool destinations that are more than just a pretty face to help you step out of your comfort zone or take in some real local culture.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

The famous Las Vegas strip is one of the most striking and iconic visuals not just in America, but in the world. It’s no surprise that 42 million people visited the city in 2018. We all know the true joy of visiting Vegas is found inside though.

Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or just interested in giving some games a whirl, there’s a spot for you in one of Las Vegas’ many welcoming casinos. Win or lose, this is an essential thrill to experience one day. Never played a game of poker in your life? This collection of tips for winning poker tournaments can give you an extra little edge for your first time at the table.

If you want a bit more glitz and glamour you can experience one of Las Vegas’ many famous residential shows, while thrillseekers can enjoy the rides and rollercoasters that make up part of the strip’s skyline.

Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa is a country born for thrillseekers. If you’re less of a sightseer and more of an adrenaline junkie, this is the place for you. Cape Town’s vibrant coastal location perfect for taking advantage of extreme sports.

Gliding a plane through Breede Valley, abseiling 1000 meters above sea level and cage diving with sharks are popular ways to get your heart racing in Cape Town.

If you do decide to take in the beautiful sights, paragliding off of Lions Head mountain is a unique and exhilarating way to do it. Surfing and quad biking through the sand dunes have become popular activities. Things don’t get any calmer in the grasslands either, where you can take part in wild safaris featuring some of the most deadly animals on the planet.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, like much of Japan, has a unique beauty and mysticism not replicated anywhere else in the world. There are a number of ways you can take in the culture of this city without spending the whole day walking around.

Looking for a unique international shopping trip? The Ginza Six shopping center is your opportunity to get up to trend with the biggest fashion in Japan, while taking in the action of the bustling city. For something a bit more down to Earth, Tsukji Market is a must-see experience that’s part shopping, part cultural adventure.

Speaking of culture, watching Sumo wrestling with 11,000 others at the world-famous Ryoguku Kokugikan hall is a fantastic way to experience a unique sporting event in a beautiful setting. If that sounds a bit too high-gear for your cultural trip, then Senso-Ji is a bucket-list must and Nezu Museum is as enlightening as it is strikingly designed.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown gives Cape Town a run for its money as the thrillseeker capital of the world. If you and a group of friends want the ultimate adventure holiday, there are few places better.

Like testing your nerves against heights? Bungee jumping was created by New Zealander A.J Hackett, who still provides what is regarded as one of the best Bungee services in the world. There are opportunities to dive out of a plane across the landscape in abundance, and you can take the challenge of the world’s steepest zip wire.

Adventure holidays are a great way to test your endurance, such as the Ben Lomond hike, which gives you a sightseeing trip that doubles up as a workout.

Yangon, Myanmar

Foodie holidays are now a staple of traveling, with people jetting off all over the world to try local cuisines, experience foreign dining and find the next big dish. Yangon is an underrated mecca for any self-proclaimed foodie, blending the essences of its border neighbors China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Laos for a unique selection of cuisine.

You can enjoy the taste of authentic Myanmar food with a modern twist at the highly-rated Rangoon Tea House, experience the Burmese interpretation of afternoon tea at the luxury Strand Hotel or enjoy one of three of the popular 999 Shan Noodle Shops across the city, a favorite for Yangon residents. 

The travel industry is ever-growing. There is a desire for experiences beyond sitting on a beach or huge tourist attractions. Whether you want to get your blood pumping or fill your stomach with celebrated local cuisine, these are some great alternatives to please your travel bug.