August 2015 Debt Update

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August 2015 debt update


It’s that time of the month. What time is that you might be asking? It’s time for my August 2015 debt update. I started this journey with over $72,000 worth of debt. My plan is to have it paid off by October 2018. I have a little over 3 years to make this goal happen. I plan on doing that with money that I make from my job, this website and other side hustles (selling t-shirts, mystery shopping). My update for August is below.

August 2015 Debt Update

My total debt went from $71,078.81 to $70,849.78. That was a $229.03 decrease. I’m happy with that.

Loan 2 – DOWN from $5950 to $5940


Credit Union Loan – DOWN  from $298.45 to $244.36


Wells Fargo Loan – DOWN from $1250.58 to $1179.14


Bank of America CC – DOWN from $3179.22 to $3141.58


Navient – DOWN from $25,666.48 to $25,569.63


Nelnet – UP from $34,734.08 to $34,775.07

I’m enjoying seeing the debt get smaller. My Bank of America Credit Card hasn’t been this low since 2008. I’m also stoked that the Credit Union loan will be less than $200 in a couple of weeks. I plan on ramping up these side hustles to eliminate it quicker.

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  1. Moving forward…great job and something you should be so proud of achieving:)

  2. Congrats on the progress! This whole debt paydown series is pretty inspiring. I may start tracking our debt a lot closer going forward, as I would love to see the progress I make charted out.

    1. You should do it. Tracking the debt is fun for me. Seeing those numbers get smaller is definitely motivating.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Its amazing that you plan it out so well that you have an estimated date to have everything paid off. Mostly people are just very passive about it.

    Congrats on the decrease. I see those side hustles are working for you.


    1. I had to set a date. It forced me to get serious about this debt repayment journey.

  4. Great job with everything so far! It bet it’s really motivating to keep seeing those balances get lower and lower.

    1. It is a great feeling. I can’t wait until the next one is eliminated.

  5. Nice work on knocking away your debt. I just paid off the last of my 3 Navient (formerly SallieMae) student loans. It’s a great feeling to be free of one less shackle as you pay them off. My last student loan is the biggest (about $64K left) but I’m glad that I can now put all efforts & money possible towards clearing that one as well!

    1. Congrats on paying off the Navient loan! I can’t wait until I can say that.

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