August 2016 Debt Update

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August 2016Debt Update 1What’s going on everyone? If you’re paying off debt, I hope it’s going well for you.

August 2016 Debt Update

My total debt went from $67,921.84 to $67,806.55. Damn, that was only a $115.129 drop. I spent money this month on my boy’s bachelor party. I was the organizer of it, so I had to make sure that my boy had a good time. I didn’t get into any more debt, but all my extra income went towards that bachelor weekend. With FinCon being next month, I’m not sure how much the debt will go down by my September debt update. I can say that it will be on and popping come October, though.

Here are the current numbers

Loan 2 – Down from $5830 to $5820

BOA Credit Card – THE SAME!!! $800.11

Chase Card – Down from $1860 to $1835

Navient – Down from $24,561.15 to $24,483.29

Nelnet – Down from $34,870.58 to $34,868.15

What sucks is that this is the first month in a while that the Bank of America card didn’t go down. I used the card recently and put the money back on it, but I wasn’t able to add anything extra to it. The good thing is that this should be the only month that this happens. More side hustle income will be coming in.

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How is your debt repayment coming along?

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  1. Any decrease in debt makes for a good month! Great job cash flowing the bachelor party.

  2. Jason, I double-dog-dare you to pay off the BOA-THIS MONTH, even with FinCon. Keep me posted.

    1. I’m going to take you up on this dare!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good time at the party and it’s good you didn’t get into any more debt when you went out of town though, that’s key!

    1. It is. I have to keep this momentum going!

  4. Good job not going up by going to the bachelor party! Those things can be expensive!

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