August 2017 Debt & Life Update

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August 2017 Debt & Life Update

What’s up, everyone? August has come and went. This was another pretty good month. I continued to focus on my side hustles, mainly eBay. I’ve been researching and finding more items to sell. My eBay shelf is full right now. As of this writing, I have 84 items live on eBay. That is a personal record for me. Part of me wants to get to 100 items, but I don’t want things just sitting around my apartment.

I’ve continued to play around with Pinterest as well. It is currently my number one traffic source. I currently use Tailwind to help me with my pin scheduling. It has saved me a lot of time. I schedule pins once or twice a week, and that’s it. If you are a blogger, you should consider signing up for Tailwind. They are currently giving new users a free month. You can sign up for it with my unique link.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog, the time is now.  Check out my step by step guide on creating a website with Bluehost. Use my link to get your hosting for as little as $3.45 per month (this low price is only available through my link). It usually costs $7.99 per month. You also get a free domain when you sign up through my link.

I also took this month to focus and create my first course titled “The Beginner’s eBay Course.” If you’re interested in selling on eBay, you should check it out. It goes live in a couple of weeks. Sign up here to get more info.

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August 2017 Debt & Life Update

My total debt went down from $62,158.69 to $61,777.00. That was a decrease of $381.69. It’s lower this month because I got a notice from Uncle Sam. I set up a payment plan, but I want to pay these taxes as soon as possible. That means that I will have to make more than the minimum payment on my payment plan.

Let’s have a look at my updated debt numbers.

Loan 2 – Down from $3845 to $3550

Navient – Down from $23,439.54 to $23,416.70

Nelnet – Down from $34,820.15 to $34,810.30

You can view all of my debt updates here.

How was your August? Did anything exciting happen to you?