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August 2019 Debt & Life Update

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Augist 2019 debt & life update

August 2019 Debt & life Update

August was a hell of a month. It’s been busy, but good. I’ve been at the new job for a little over a month now. It’s going well so far. I’ve been in training for a few weeks now. I know that I’m going to rock it once the training is over.

My Uber Eats side hustle is going pretty well. I do some weekday driving, but I try to to do the most on the weekends. I do a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve been averaging $100 each week. It’s easy money, but I just wish I had more time.

I had a chance to be featured on The Beauty Suite Podcast hosted by Jennifer Jackson earlier this month. We had a good convo discussing side hustles and paying off debt. Check out the episode here.

I’m still doing good with eBay and my other online selling platforms. If you aren’t selling items online, what are you waiting for? Below are a couple of resources that will help you get started.

Thrifting Challenge – Learn how to make money with items that you find at the thrift store.

eBay – The Beginners Guide to Selling on eBay

What They Don’t Tell You About Selling Things Online

Below are five items that I’ve sold in the previous month. I share them to show you things that you can flip for profit.

ATL United Shirt. I purchased it for $2.93. It sold for $19.99.

Tommy Hanson Bobblehead. I paid $5.34 for it. It sold for $42.50.

Gdefy Shoes. I had never heard of this brand of shoes before. I decided to take a gamble on them since they were brand new. I paid $11.87 for them. They sold for $60. This is a brand that I’ll be looking out for now.

John Smoltz Bobblehead. I paid $9.71 for it. It sold for $33.

The XFL just released the names and logos for its teams. I had an old XFL jersey that I’ve been trying to sell for months. It sold a couple of weeks ago. I paid $6 for it. It sold for $29.99.

As I stated a few weeks ago, after a brief hiatus, I’m finally able to start the debt updates again. That was able to happen because I realized some things. I was trying to do things my way. I wanted to stay at an easy job and work on my stuff until side income grew to the point where I could quit. That didn’t happen. So, earlier this year I started applying for new jobs (started with a new company in July) and started a new side hustle. I talk about the comfort zone all the time on this site, but I realized that I was stuck in it for the past year and a half. It’s a shame that I didn’t react earlier. The good thing is that it is over now. Let’s get to the numbers.

My debt went from $68,025.83 to $67,111.48. That was a $914.35 decrease. That’s my biggest decrease in over two years. This is the type of shit that I like to see. I’m looking forward to having a four-figure decrease sometime in the near future.

Discover Card  Down from $4056 to $3586

Car Note Down from $6906.15 to $6755.58

Earnest Loan Down from $21,957.12 to $21,859.54

Nelnet Down from $35,106.56 to $34,910.36

If you’ve been reading my updates for a while, you know that the Nelnet Loan has been a pain in my side for a minute. That loan was actually increasing while my other debt was going down. The minimum payment only went to the interest. After speaking to one of my friends/mentors, what up Sandy, we came to the conclusion that it was time to add more money to that loan by increasing my minimum payment. The new payment that I will be making to the Nelnet loan is now double the original. That will be $310 per month. It will finally start going down.

I feel good about my debt updates again.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

How was your month of August?

Side Hustle Resources

Door Dash

Want to make an easy $150 with Door Dash? Door Dash currently has a sign-up bonus where new users can get 15000 Swagbucks when they sign-up for the program through the Swagbucks website. The 15,000 Swagbucks is equivalent to $150. You get that about 30 days after you complete your first Door Dash delivery. Sign up for Swagbucks here. Then search for the Door Dash offer.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats has been good for me right now. Sign up here to get started today.

How to Make Money In Your Spare Time With eBay

This is the course that will teach you how to make money on eBay in your spare time. It has six modules that go over the following things.

  • Module 1 – How to set up an account in less than 20 minutes
  • Module 2 – Various items you can sell without wasting your time
  • Module 3 – How to create listings that will get people to buy
  • Module 4 – What happens when you get your first sale
  • Module 5 – How to handle the shipping process
  • Module 6 – 3 secret strategies I use to promote and get sales

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