August 2020 Debt & Life Update

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Happy Friday everyone. I can’t believe that August is almost over. This month went by fast as hell. I’ve been working a lot on the blog during the last couple of weeks. I’ve been slowly during a blog audit since the beginning of the year. I need to finish it by the end of September. I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve also been researching and I realized some things.

When I originally rebranded in January 2019, I didn’t fully prepare for it. I didn’t do many of the things that I should have such as change all the old Butler Journal links to My Money Chronicles. I also didn’t continue to promote like I used to. When my site was the Butler Journal my page views were up to 15,000 per month and they were on track to keep rising. Between my rebrand and a Google update, they went down to half of that. For the last year, they’ve been stagnant.

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Since I’m currently not working, I still have a lot of time on my hands. I did a lot of research and I realized that I haven’t done much backlinking. They say that “if you build it, they will come”. That’s a crock of shit. You have to promote whatever you’re working on. I guess I sort of got the big head and figured that because some people knew me or heard of me that they’d support and read my blog. While that may have been the case a little bit, that’s not a good business model. If you want to find new readers you have to always find ways to promote. You also have to find ways to get in front of a new audience.

I plan on writing some guest posts for some different sites. I’ll share with you the number in a few months after this experiment. If you’re looking for a guest post for your site, email me at [email protected] I’m also going to focus more on sharing other people’s pins on Pinterest. I’ve been scheduling mine, but I slacked on sharing others. Now, I plan to share other people’s pins a lot more. Finally, I’m still looking for more podcasts or IG lives to be on. I set a goal to do 20 for 2020. I’m currently at 9. I have 4 months to get the other 11 done. I should have no problem getting them done.

My flip business has continued to do well. August has been another solid month. I should be over $1K with my eBay sales again. Below are five of my flips from the last month.

I paid $4.31 for this brand new Spanish Scrabble game. It sold for $34.99.

I paid $8.40 for this Aaron Rodgers Jersey. It sold for $28.

I got these Computer Database manuals for free. They sold for $34.99.

I also got these Avon After Shave bottles for free. They sold on Poshmark for $35.

I paid $5.40 for this NBA 2K15 game. It sold for $24.99.

If you like to flip items online you should join my Facebook Group, My Money Chronicles, Inner Circle. We’re currently at 355 members and counting.

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My YouTube channel is growing too. I currently have over 30 subscribers. If you want to subscribe and see my new videos, click here.

My debt went from $57,644.80 to $56,684.95. That was a drop of $959.85. I love the way that the numbers are going down. I’m going to continue to chip away at it.

Car Note ⬇️ from $4171.74 to $3633.44

Earnest ⬇️ from $21,031.60 to $20,909.51

Nelnet ⬇️ from $32,442 to $32,142

I’m saving $28 per month on my private student loans and I received a lower interest rate when I refinanced with Earnest. Refinancing your student loans may help you as well.  If you’re approved for refinancing, you will also get a $200 bonus. Visit their site here today.

If you want to help me get out of debt quicker or just want to support, check out some of my new products. I’m testing out some things and getting out of my comfort zone. I created a hip hop journal. It’s a notebook for musical artists to write their lyrics or notes in.

Below are a couple of my t-shirt designs. One is new and the other is one of my best sellers.

How was August for you?

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  1. Solid job, bro! I’m guessing most of your flips are on eBay outside of the one you mentioned was on Poshmark? What site do you think would be best to sell something like printers?

    1. Yep. It was Poshmark. It depends on the size. If it was an office printer, I’d sell on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, or Craigslist. I’d sell smaller printers on eBay.

  2. That car note is so close to GONE!! I’m getting excited for you!!

    1. I can’t wait until it’s gone.

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