15 of the Best Valentine’s Gifts

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Valentine’s Day will be here in a few short weeks. Have you purchased your gift for your significant other yet? I haven’t, yet, but that’s something that I will be doing soon. I know a lot of people may be procrastinating. If you are struggling with ideas for what to get your partner, check out this list of 15 of the best Valentine’s gifts.

Candy and Flowers

We are starting out this list with candy and flowers. Candy is reasonably priced, so you should be able to go to any store like Walmart or CVS and get what you need. You can’t go wrong with Chocolate (unless your significant hates it). For flowers, I would check with a florist as soon as possible. Other options would be to visit your local grocery store check out 1-800-Flowers. If you intend to buy anything from their website, make sure that use Rakuten. That will allow you to get cash back. I use Rakuten a lot when I purchase something online. There’s nothing better than getting cash back.

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Movie at home

The next thing that you can do is to watch a movie at home. This might be one of the few times that “Netflix & Chill” will actually work. Pick a time and get ready to spend some time with your significant other. If the movie that y’all want to watch isn’t on Netflix, you can get the DVD from Target or Walmart. I know Walmart has a lot of five-dollar DVDs in their bins. When you find a movie to watch make sure that you remember to bring some food and drinks as well.

Gift Card

Gift Cards are always a good gift for any holiday. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Make sure that you get your partner a gift card that they will actually use. Find out what they really like before Valentine’s Day and plan from there. Amazon, Restaurants, Massages & Stock are a few ideas of gift cards that you can purchase.

Spa Basket

The next gift idea on the list is a spa basket. Creating a spa basket for your partner is pretty easy. The items that go in there are very inexpensive. Some items that you can include in your basket are candles, washcloths, body wash, and lotions. Spa baskets aren’t just for women. There are some for men as well

Sports Tickets

If your significant other likes sports, tickets would be a great gift idea for them. It’s currently NBA & NCAA basketball seasons. Also, it’s hockey season. You can also get him or her opening day tickets for their favorite Major League Baseball team. When buying your tickets, I recommend StubHub. They have some very good deals.

Stuffed Animals

If you’re a teen or buying something for your daughter, you can’t go wrong with a stuffed animal. Below is a funny stuffed animal that your partner will love.

A Weekend Trip

Most couples like to travel. My girl and I have been on several trips together. We’ve visited places like Detroit, Toronto, and Chicago.  There are hundreds of places that you and your partner can visit. Las Vegas and Orlando two popular destinations. Visit Trip Advisor for more suggestions.


If you’re not a drinker, bypass this one. A thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gift would be to get your significant other their favorite alcoholic drink. Different liquor brands put out special flavors or limited edition bottles from time to time. If your partner’s favorite brand has one out, grab it. I’m sure they would enjoy the gift.


Another thing on the best Valentine’s gifts list is to buy a pet. You can surprise your partner with a dog, cat, or any item. Just make sure that they actually like animals. The worst thing that you can do is get an animal and they hate it.

Waffle House

Next up on the best Valentine’s Day gifts list is to go to Waffle House. Yes, I am talking about Waffle House the restaurant. Select Waffle House restaurants in the country will be having candlelight dinners. They will also be taking reservations at these restaurants. Check the Waffle House website to see which locations will be participating. Waffle House is a very inexpensive idea. This could be a good gift if y’all love their food.

A Dress

If you want to correctly execute this idea, it requires a keen fashion sense and a more comprehensive knowledge of your partner’s preferences. However, I use a ‘cheat’ when I want to get a dress for my partner. Before that, Kudos to Coco Chanel, the first person to bring the idea of a little black dress into vogue. Most men and women are usually satisfied with a simple yet stylish black dress. Here is the cheat; you will need to know your partner’s size and the type of clothes that fit them best. Use some of their other dresses as a reference point or take them shopping for some small things before the day and have them try out the dresses. It works every time.

Take A Hike

Valentine’s day is a day to connect more with your partner emotionally. And the range of options to achieve that is just a handful. Although I’ve highlighted a few earlier, hiking is a worthy mention. Even if you reside in a cold region, taking a scenic hike is an excellent way to unwind and unplug this coming Valentine’s day. Maybe there is a favorite spot you prefer around you, or you might want to search for the best hikes in another location using search engines. Either way, you are bound to have a pleasurable and worthwhile moment since you have great company.

Infinite Objects Video Print

This is a unique one on the best Valentine’s day gifts list. Turn your significant other’s favorite video of the both of you – may be alongside that with your baby or pet or in a fantastic location – into a moving piece of art using the infinite object video print. This video print plays videos on a loop in a frame that is beautiful enough to make your partner gaze all day long. I think of it as the contemporary version of the typical framed image. Furthermore, I can promise that this valentines day gift will have a special place on their bookshelf, desk, or nightstand.

Coupon For A Spa Center

Suppose you are the type of couple who takes pleasure in spending a considerable amount of time together but rarely chanced to do that due to hectic daily activities, tight schedules, and a demanding job. In that case, a soothing session at a spa center is just what the doctor ordered. Yourself and your others can have all the rest you deserve and require to recharge your energies. If you want to try out this idea, there are two approaches. You can either organize a date night on Valentine’s day and give your partner the coupon to have some time to themself. And on the other hand, you can also visit the spa together, as mentioned earlier. The ball is in your court.

Write Them A Love Letter

Sometimes, just a Valentine’s day card might not do the magic. A good gift doesn’t need to be flashy or costly but creative. Select the appropriate envelope and some fancy paper. Using a fountain pen, write naturally, and comfortably to express our feelings. Be original, use your communication style, and put down whatever comes to mind. Give them the letter with some small present like flowers or a necklace.

What’s your favorite thing on the best Valentine’s gifts list?

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