December 2018 Debt & Life Update

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December was another busy month. I can’t believe that it is finally over. I’ve been working a lot on the rebrand lately. There are a lot of things that I’ve had to work on. I’m still not finished. I hired my first VA. She’s been helping out with certain tasks.

The side hustles have been going great. I expect huge things to happen in 2019. This has been one of the best months for eBay with me ever. If I get a couple of more sales I’ll be between $700-$800 for the month. That’s great side hustle money.

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My debt went from $66,525.19 to $66,300.59. That was a drop of $224.60. Next year, the drops will get better. They have to.


BOA – DOWN from $1364.37 to $1334.37

Car Note – DOWN from $7988.45 to $7852.93

Earnest – DOWN from $22,389.35 to $22,330.17

Nelnet – SAME $34,783.12

In my last update, I stated that I was still getting used to paying the car note. I’m used to it again and I don’t like it lol. This upcoming year will be crucial for this debt repayment. I’m older and I understand that I have to generate more income next year. That will happen. I tried a new side hustle (charging Lime scooters) this month and failed miserably. I’m going to try it one more time. I also signed up to be a Bird charger. That’s where the money is at. More income is the only damn way I’ll get debt free.

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