Can You Make Real Money With Decluttr?

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I’m always looking for different ways to make money. This debt is not going to disappear by itself. I’ve heard about this company called Decluttr for a couple of years now. I’ve heard that you could make money with this company. I met some representatives from their company at a conference a few months ago and decided to check it out. Today, I will let you know if you can make money in this Decluttr review.

What is Decluttr?

Decluttr is an app and website where you can sell them your old DVDs Books, Blue-Ray disks, and more. The app makes it really easy for you. All you do is scan the barcode, and you’ll get a price. If you don’t want to download the app, you can manually type in the barcode on their website. The app is free and easy to download. Scanning the barcode is a lot quicker than manually typing it in on their website.

How Does it Work?

Price Your Items

If you have the app, you should scan your items to get a price. If you’re using the website, type in the barcode. You will have to do that for all of the CDs or DVDs that you are looking to sell. The minimum order is $5. That means that if your items total up to $4.50, you have to find some more to get to the $5 limit. Depending on what the DVD or album title is, it may take you a while to get to that $5 limit. More on that later. The maximum amount of items per order is 500.  Once you’ve finished scanning your things, you have to complete the order and decide how you want to get paid. You have three payment options. You can get your money deposited into your PayPal account, you can get a direct deposit in your savings or checking account, or you can get a check sent to you. My suggestion would be to use one of the first two options. That will allow you to get your money quicker. Let’s see what’s next up on the Decluttr review.

Send the Items

Decluttr will give you a free shipping label. You put that label on a box and take it to your local post office. You can get your boxes from Walmart, or you can grab some from Amazon. Each box should have no more than 200 items in it. Most boxes cost less than $1.

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Once Decluttr has received your items, they have to check them. If they look fine, you will get paid via the option that you chose earlier.  One thing that you do need to take into consideration is if some of your items are rejected. If they are rejected, you’re not going to make any money off them. They also won’t send them back. Hopefully, that won’t be a big deal since you weren’t doing anything with them in the first place.

I purchased a box of 20 DVDs at a yard sale for $8 a couple of months ago. Those DVDs would be my “test” group for Decluttr. Below are the movie titles and how much I’d make from each one.

Can You Make Real Money With Decluttr?

As you can see, I only received $0.12 for most of the titles. I’m definitely going to be able to pay off my debt with that lol. But seriously, I thought that I was going to get more for some of those titles. I would make a total of $3.78 by selling 17 DVDs. They didn’t even accept all 20 of them. That also isn’t the $5 minimum. For me, that’s a loss. I paid $8 for the box of DVDs. I could do one of two things. First, I could wait until I found some more DVDs to add to the list or I could sell them on another platform. I’m not going to wait. It’s not worth it to me. It also makes zero sense for me to buy some more from the thrift store or a yard sale just to make pennies on them. I’m going to list these DVDs as a lot on eBay, Offer Up and Let Go. I’ll keep you posted on when they sell.

The Verdict

I hope you enjoyed this Decluttr review. Decluttr has a nice thing going on, but it’s not for me at the present moment. I don’t sell many DVDs or CDs. Also, there isn’t any profit for me using Decluttr. If you have a load of DVDs or CDs that are in good condition at your home, Decluttr could be good for you. If you had a way of getting them for free, then it would definitely be worth it and you could make money with Decluttr. I think it works best for people who don’t want to deal with eBay fees. They also probably want to know the exact money that they will make too.

Decluttr would also be good for you if you worked someplace that either cleaned houses or went through old storage units. If you were able to get a lot of items, then it would be worth it. Hopefully, this Decluttr review gave you some insight about the company and how it works.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I appreciate how you explained what the app is and then provided real life examples to showcase the pros and cons. Great job and definitely sharing.

  2. I am testing it with stuff at my parents house to write about too. Lol my book was like $1. The money is in the gadgets is what I’m seeing.

    1. I’m looking forward to reading your review. You can make some money with the electronics, but I’d still make more on eBay.

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