Favorite Blog Posts From This Decade

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We only have a couple of weeks left in the decade. As I look forward to 2020, I can’t help but look at how far I’ve come with the blog and my business. I started this blog in 2013. It’s been an interesting journey to see how it’s been progressing. I can’t wait to see what this next decade has in store for me. Today’s posts feature 10 of my favorite blog posts from this decade.

List of African American Personal Finance Bloggers

This post was originally published in 2017. The personal finance is full of a lot of bloggers. If you don’t know where to look, it can be hard to find the African American bloggers and content creators that are out there making a difference. I wanted to put all of them in one place. That’s what this post is about.

I’ll Admit It— I Failed, The Truth About My Debt Payoff Struggle

In 2015, I set a goal to pay off $72,000 within 3 years. I failed horribly. I managed to eliminate about $13,000 during that time, but a lot of things happened in those three years. The good thing is that I learned a lot and I’m finally on the right track.

How I Raised My Credit Score By 168 Points

My credit score wasn’t the best at the beginning of the decade. I was struggling. In 2014, I said enough was enough and started working on my finances. In 2015, things got even better. Within 9 months, I was able to raise my credit score by 168 points.

10 Years After I Graduated From College, WTF Happened

I published this article in 2018. My life after college has been a roller coaster. There’s been some good and bad, but I wouldn’t change anything. Things happen for a reason. Everything is a learning lesson. Check out that post to see what I learned.

50 Unique Blog Post Ideas

This post is for anyone who is having a hard time coming up with blog post ideas. It features fifty different kind of posts that you can write.

What They Don’t Tell You About Selling Things Online

A lot of people only post the positive things when it comes to selling things online. It’s not always positive. You have to deal with all sorts of things. In this post, I share things that most people don’t tell you about when it comes to selling online.

Interstate 10 Part 1

In 2013, I quit a job that I didn’t like and took a cross country trip around the country. I made sure that I planned everything out before the trip. Things went very well. If you like to travel, make sure that you read this post.

10 Lessons I learned in my Twenties

My twenties were a wild and fun time. I learned a lot and made quite a few mistakes. Overall, my twenties helped me to become the man that I am today.

How My Life Changed After FinCon

I attended my first FinCon in 2015.  Who knew that a financial bloggers conference would change my life so much?

20 Easy Side Hustles for Single Mothers

Some single mothers have it hard out there. I wrote this post to give them some ideas if they are looking for extra money. It features 20 side hustles that any single mother can try.

What were some of your favorite blog posts from this decade?

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