February 2021 Debt & Life Update

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It’s the last Friday in February, so you know what that means, debt and life update time. February was a good month. It wasn’t too crazy or anything. Here are some things that happened.

Blog Audit

My content audit is finally complete. I’m not sure when I actually started, but I’m glad it’s over. I updated over 140 blog posts in the last few months. I made the content longer, updated links, and also updated images. It was no joke. Now that I’m done, I can focus on future content ideas and also growth ideas. I’m planning on getting more readers and more engagement. I need your help. If you’re reading this post make sure that you are following me on Instagram here. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to my YouTube channel. You can do that here.

I also published several posts this month. Below are some that you might have missed.

How to Get Free Money

How to Sell on Redbubble

How to Start an Emergency Fund

Resell Business

I’ve gotten some sales this month, but not as many as I did in January. The good thing is that this is normal. Late January thru February is always a slow time for other sellers and myself. Sales will pick up very soon. Below are 5 of my sales from the month.

I paid $6.49 for the Protege Sweater. I sold it on eBay for $25.

I got this dresser for free and sold it for $25 on Poshmark.

This next item was a part of the Bulq box that I purchased a couple of months. There were 27 items in it. Each item came up to $6.81 apiece. So, I paid $6.81 for these shorts. They sold for $42.99.

I paid $10.79 for these Air Jordan shoes. They sold on Poshmark for $60.

I paid $7.55 for these Hoka One One shoes. They sold for $40 on eBay.

Something is missing from the chart. I paid off my car note a few days ago. It felt pretty damn good. My total debt went from $51,874.63 to $50,636.54. That was a $1238.09 drop. Damn, that’s another record. This is starting to get fun. Let’s look at the student loan amounts.

Earnest ⬇️ from $20,410.91 to $20,294.54

Nelnet ⬇️ from $30,642 to $30,342

Because I’m doing the debt snowball, my payment to my Earnest loan will be increasing now to at least $700. My car loan payment is now being combined with the regular one. It’s going to be cool to see this loan get smaller.

I refinanced my private student loan with Earnest a few years ago. Refinancing my loans helped me get a lower payment. It also lowered the interest rate. Refinancing your student loans may help you as well.  If you’re approved for refinancing, you will also get a $200 bonus. Visit their site here today.

I’m still increasing my income so that I can pay off my debt even quicker. It’s going to happen too.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

I recently added the “Buy me a Coffee (Beer)” button to my site. Basically, buy me a Coffee is a way to accept support from your audience. If anyone wants to buy me a beer, I’d definitely appreciate it. (The money isn’t actually going towards a beer. It’s actually going towards debt or back in the business.) Click on the image below to get more information.

I said that big things are going to happen in 2021 and they are. I haven’t even mentioned my t-shirt side sales growing yet, but that post is coming. I’m looking forward to more success in 2021 and I wish the same thing for you.

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