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6 Frugal Travel Tips

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frugal travel tips

Summer is my favorite time to travel during the year. During the last few summers, I have been to Chicago, Milwaukee & Washington DC just to name a few. You don’t have to go broke because of a summer trip. Now is the best time for you to plan a summer trip. Below are six frugal travel tips can help you save money.

Book in Advance

Make sure that you book your flights and hotel reservations at least eight weeks in advance. Flights and hotel prices usually go up the closer your travel date is. It is critical to lock in the low prices when you see them posted. It’s possible you may be able to find a good price for a last minute ticket, but that is rare. The difference that you could save by booking early could be well over $200. That extra $200 could be used for food, souvenirs or drinks! I love to book my trips in advance. Besides saving money, it allows me to keep a peace of mind.

Check your Dates & Days

Your trip dates are vital. If possible, you should try to stay away from holiday travel. That is usually when hotels and airlines raise prices. I would leave a couple of days early to save some money if you need to travel on a holiday. Sometimes the day of the week depends on how much a flight will cost. From my experience flights leaving on a Wednesday or Thursday are cheaper than Friday flights. My guess is that a lot of people love to travel on Fridays to get an extended weekend. So the airlines charge the travelers a little more. Make sure that you take an hour or two and research different dates and times.

Time of Departure

We are at number three on the frugal travel tips list. Airline tickets are sometimes cheaper depending on the time you choose to depart. Early morning flights and late-night flights are usually the most inexpensive.  Early morning flights are less expensive because some people have a hard time getting up in the morning. I have no problems at all getting up, so I want to thank the airlines for those lower prices (lol). Late-night flights (red-eye) are cheaper than daytime flights for that same reason. Not everyone wants to travel during those times. Again. if you’re trying to save some money when traveling, check those times out.

Travel Search Engine

Using a travel search engine can help you find discounts too. Sometimes they may have crazy sales on hotel rooms. Many of them are steals. A couple of sites that I suggest are Priceline and Expedia. I actually wrote a nice post where I explain the successes that I have had with Priceline.

Favorite Brands

If you have a favorite airline or hotel chain, make sure that you sign up to receive e-mails from them. I have accounts with AirTran Southwest Airlines, Wyndham hotels and more. They send e-mails about deals that they have periodically. Also, by using your favorite brands, it will allow you to earn reward points. I’ve used points to book Marriott rooms and Southwest Airlines flights before. You can save tons by using points.

Get 40,000 points with the Southwest Rewards Credit Card.

Stay with family or friends

The last of the frugal travel tips is that you could stay with family or friends when you go out of town. That way you can save a lot of money. If you’re in a fraternity or a sorority you can contact the local chapter in the destination city. They may let you stay with them and show you around. That’s a win-win right there. If your family or friend has extra space they’ll probably be a better choice to ask instead of someone that has a studio or one bedroom.

You’ve just finished reading my post on six budget travel tips. Traveling on a budget is possible. You just have to decide to do it.

Travel Resources That I Recommend 


If  I can’t find a hotel deal when I’m traveling, I use Airbnb. I’ve used it in places like Miami and Havana, Cuba. Both places that I stayed in were nice, and they were inexpensive. Use this coupon the first time you book a stay with Airbnb, and you can save $40 on a booking that is $75 or more.


Lyft is a company that lets you book cars by using their app. I’ve used Lyft a lot of times. They have great prices. If you don’t feel like renting a car, you can use Lyft. Here is a code that will get you $5 off your first ride.


This site is similar to Airbnb. HomeAway features different homes or apartments that you can book for a low price as well. Check them out here to see what deals they have.

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