January 2019 Debt & Life Update

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January 2019 started a little slow for me. The website rebrand took a little longer than I expected it to. I wanted everything to be up and running by January 1st. It ended up happening on January 4th. I also had to get two of my wisdom teeth taken out. It was an interesting first two weeks of 2019. The good thing is that things have finally settled down. I’m in my groove now.

EBay is still going great for me. Last month was my best month ever. I had over $800 in sales. As of this writing, I’m almost at $600 in sales for January. This is supposed to be a slow month. Adding more items to my store and promoting them is still working. As far as my other side hustles, they’ve been slow, but that’s only because of how the year started out. That will change in February.

This year, I’m going to add a new segment the monthly update post. I’m going to share five eBay sales each month. I’ll let you know how much I paid for the item and how much it sold for. Below are five items that I’ve sold on eBay this month.

Quelf Game

I paid $3.15 for this board game. It sold for $45.99. That’s a pretty good flip if I do say so myself.

Coogi Sweater

I spent $6.30 for this Coogi sweater. I accepted a best offer for $55.

Garden Fantasy Painting

I got this painting for free 7 or 8 years ago. I accepted a best offer for $40.

Lorenzo Sweater

I paid $6.30 for this Lorenzo sweater. It sold for $28.

Michigan State University Jersey

I paid $3.26 for this MSU jersey. I accepted a best offer for $35.

If you’re thinking about selling on eBay, check out my course, How to Make Money With eBay in Your Spare Time. It’s full of info that will help you bring in at least an extra $300-$400 per month. for more details, check out the course here.

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My debt went from $66,300.59 to $66,068.54. It dropped by $232.05. To me, that was just ok. For me to reach one of my goals by December, that isn’t going to cut it. I don’t talk about it much, but I’ve been dealing with a tax situation for a few years. If everything works out, it should be a thing of the past by April. When that happens, we’ll start to see real movement with these reports.

BOA – Down from $1334.37 to $1289.37

Car Note – Down from $7852.93 to $7720.19

Earnest – Down from $22,330.17 to $22,276.16

Nelnet – Same $34,783.12

I’m still looking for more ways to generate money. I’m doing good, but I know that I can do much better. 2019 is a make it or break it year for me. I have to get this shit rolling on another level. This debt repayment journey has been a roller coaster since 2015. I need to be more consistent this year and I will be.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

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  1. I hope you achieve your goals 2019!..Good Luck!

  2. You did well on those Ebay items. I have sold some items that I had on Ebay but not sure how to source for things to sell. I hope you put a big dent on your debts.

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