July 2020 Debt & Life Update

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July was what June was supposed to be. I was able to get my focus back and get some much-needed SEO work done. Because of that, I’m starting to see my search traffic go up. I’ll be able to tell how much better in a few months.

I had a webinar in my Facebook group earlier this month. If you are not a member of my group what are you waiting for? You can join it here. We talk about all things eBay and online flipping related. I also dropped another video on my YouTube channel.

The business has been going well. I sold a few shirts this month due to the fact that I was on a panel. The panel was about, you guessed it, eBay. I wore the shirt the night we did the chat and people purchased the same hour. If you want to get the shirt, click on the picture below.

I also added some more shirts to Merch by Amazon and Redbubble. I’ll be sharing what happens with those designs.

My online flipping has still been very good. My eBay sales have been a little slower, but sales on OfferUp and Mercari have been going up. It’s amazing. Crossposting works. If you’re not listing your items on multiple platforms, you’re missing out on money.  It shouldn’t take you too long to crosspost. I copy and paste the info from my listings to the site that I want to crosspost it on. Below are five of my sales from the last month.

I paid $2.14 for this Greys Anatomy game. It sold for 41.40 on Mercari.

I spent $1.69 for this Funko Pop. It sold for $10 on Letgo.

I picked this Titanic game up for $1.10. It sold for $30 on eBay.

I paid $3.26  for these Hoka One One shoes. They sold for $44 for on eBay.

I paid $0.86 for this Starbucks mug. It sold for $15.

If you’re interested in learning about eBay, but you’re not sure where to start, check out my free webinar, eBay for Starters. It will give you the information that you need to get things rolling.

This was another good month for lowering my debt. The total went from $58,555.11 to $57,644.80. That was a drop of $910.31 It was another record for the lowest amount of debt that I’ve had since I started this journey. I want next month to be even better. In my last update, I stated that I should be under $50,000 worth of debt early next year. I’m changing that. I want that to happen this year.

Car Note ⬇️ from $4701.02 to $4171.74

Earnest ⬇️ from $21,112.09 to $21,031.06

Nelnet ⬇️ from $32,742 to $32,442

These numbers are going in the right direction. I plan to keep the momentum going.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

How was July 2020 for you?

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