June 2020 Debt & Life Update

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June came in swinging. With everything that happened in the personal finance community, racial injustice, and some personal stuff, I’m happy that this month if over. June was hands down the worst month of the year for me and that’s saying a lot because I was fired in March. I had so much planned to do this month, but mentally, I wasn’t there. I took a break and recharged. I’m ready to have an epic month of July.

While June wasn’t the best month personally, business has still been good. I’ll be between $1400-$1600 with my online sales platforms (eBay, Mercari, etc.) again this month. Even though my inventory has dwindled (went from 250 in March to 215 as of this writing), I’m still doing well with the sales.

I paid $3.75 for this Stephen Strasburg Bobblehead. It sold for $49.99

I purchased this Vintage Heartthrob board game for $2.17. It sold for $24.99

I paid $18 for this Nascar Racecar Jacket. It sold on Poshmark for $145

I paid $40 for this guitar and 11 other items. If I divide the number up equally, I paid $3.33 for each item. Well, the guitar sold for $65 by itself.

I spent $6 on these Xelero walking shoes. They sold for $40 on Poshmark.

The blog has also gotten a boost in traffic this month. My post that features 90+ Black bloggers has been shared a lot. Due to the racial tensions that have been going on, a lot of folks have been showing love to black creators in different fields including personal finance. I hope this continues to happen.

Speaking of race, I figured that I might as well drop my two cents here about what has been happening this month in this country. I’m tired of unarmed African Americans getting killed by the police. George Floyd didn’t have to die. He wasn’t the first to get killed by crooked cops. He probably won’t be the last either. Something does seem different this time around though. Maybe it’s because COVID has shit things down and people are finally paying attention, but it seems like a lot more white people are understanding what’s going on. I’m seeing more of them marching for the cause. That’s a good first step. Next, we need laws to change, then have the income gap fixed, and much more. We also need people to vote. I don’t give a damn what your party is or who you usually vote for, but we have to get this lunatic out of the office. He’s freaking nuts. If you vote for him after all the shit that has gone down in the last four years, you let us know what side of you’re on. You stand with racism and you are part of the problem.

It is an election year. Grab yours and make sure you vote!

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My debt went from $59,491.42 to $58,555.11. That was a drop of $936.31. June was another solid month. This is the lowest that my debt has been since I started this journey. What’s wild is that I’m making it happen while I’m unemployed. Looking at these numbers, I should be under $50,000 early next year. That shit will be great so I’m shooting for this year! I have to make it happen sooner than later.

Car Note ⬇️ from $5238.21 to $4701.02

Earnest ⬇️ from $21,211.76 to $21,112.09

Nelnet ⬇️ from $33,042 to $32,742


In a few months, my car note will be paid off. Then I’ll only have student loan debt left. I can’t wait until they are gone.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

How was June 2020 for you?

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