How I Made $1598 in Side Hustle Income the Third Quarter of 2017

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What’s going on everyone? The third quarter has come and gone. I had a couple of ups and downs during the last few months. They won’t stop me from posting this side hustle income report though.

I enjoy reading other bloggers’ income reports. They are very motivating to me. That’s one reason why I started doing my reports. In the first quarter of 2017, I made $4900. In the second quarter, I made $3215. In the third quarter, I made $1598.10. That’s a sharp decrease from the 2nd quarter.

One reason that the amount was lower was that I didn’t do any freelance writing.  I lost my clients a few months ago, and honestly, I didn’t do much pitching. It’s not easy getting good paying clients so I figured that I should put my focus somewhere else.

During this time I was able to grow my eBay income even more. I’ve been able to study trends and research new items to sell. Since I’m writing less, I have been able to visit more thrift stores too.

I also took the time to create my first online course. It’s called The Beginner’s eBay Course. In the course, I go over several tips that will help anyone learn how to sell on eBay. For more info about the course go here.

The income numbers that you see below are after the fees but before taxes. It is also money that has been deposited in my account, not money that is pending. I’m not a fan of people including money in their reports that is pending.

The Breakdown

eBay – $761

For the first time, eBay was my highest form of side hustle income. Like I stated earlier, I had more time to focus on and I’m seeing some good results. I plan on having a big fourth quarter in sales. I currently have over 70 items listed. I realize that the more that I list, the more sales that I get.

Sponsored Posts – $471.27

Sponsored posts came in second this quarter. I get e-mails from people wanting to sponsor something on my site a few times each week. I probably accept a fourth of them. I only post sponsored articles from companies that I believe will provide value.

Affiliates – $125.19

My affiliate income is still a work in progress I’ve been testing out different ways to increase it. I can see it worked a bit since this income was a little higher than it was in the 2nd quarter. In due time, I want this to be my 1st or 2nd side hustle income stream.

Google AdSense – $107.26

I finally got another Google AdSense payment. As my traffic continues to increase, so will this income stream.

Other Ads – $40.49

I received a few payments from another of the ad networks that I work with. It’s similar to Google AdSense.

Other Sales Platforms – $39.11

Besides eBay, I also sell on other platforms including Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up and even Instagram from time to time. Since the amount that I made was only $39, I combined them.

StubHub – $28.78

I sold a couple of tickets to a concert on StubHub. It was literally the easiest money I made all quarter.

Miscellaneous – $25

The final income stream is Miscellaneous. I completed a couple of odd jobs and made a little cash doing it.

A lot of my side hustle income is due to me starting a blog. If you’ve thought about starting one, do it. There is no reason to wait any longer. Check out this post I wrote on how to create a website with Bluehost. Butler Journal readers can their website hosting and a domain for as low as $3.95 with this link.

Overall, my side hustle income was just ok during the third quarter. I know the fourth quarter will be better. I will have payments from the course and t-shirt sales coming in. Heck, if I find the right opportunity, I might even start back freelancing.

How was your side hustle income in the third quarter?


  1. Have you ever considered one-on-one coaching for eBay, charging by the hour? For example, there must be tons of retired people who are downsizing and want who would love to use eBay, but are intimidated and don’t know where to start. Some people simply don’t learn well with an online class or webinar. I would think this could be a steady and rewarding side hustle. Your thoughts?

    1. I haven’t considered that, but I may start doing it.

  2. You are seriously the king of eBay! Congrats on all your success in Q3, Jason. Here’s to a great Q4!

  3. Wow! I haven’t used eBay in so long but I’m not surprised that it is still around as a big cash cow.

    1. It sure is. If you are looking for a side hustle eBay is the one.

  4. I’ve never really considered side hustling…or should I say the thought is on the back burner. Your side hustle game is phenom and inspirational. I love the way you broke down what your income entailed (though I don’t think I would have as many side hustles as you…I will overwhelm myself LOL. I’m going to read more of your blog because this really piqued my interest. Great post!

  5. These are great tips and congrats on your success! This is really motivating me to step my game up particularly when it comes to eBay.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading. Make it happen!

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