How I Made $3215 in Side Hustle Income the 2nd Quarter of 2017

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It’s amazing that we are already in the third quarter of 2017. It seems like January was just yesterday. In April, I did what was the first of four quarterly income reports that I planned on doing for 2017.

I enjoy reading other bloggers income reports. They help keep me motivated. They also give me new ideas so that I can diversify my income even more. In the first quarter of this year, I made $4900. Unfortunately, I didn’t do as good in the 2nd quarter. It’s better than nothing though.

How did I do?

I made $3214.62 during the months of April, May, and June. This is after PayPal fees but before taxes. Bringing in an extra $3200 is cool, but I know I can do much better.

The Breakdown

Freelancing – $2350.87

For the second quarter in a row, freelancing was my highest form of side hustle income. It was down a bit from the first quarter for two reasons. The first reason was that I lost two clients during that time. One was expected, but the other one was a big surprise. I’m not mad or anything because I’ve used my extra time to work on some of my other side hustles. The results from a couple of them will show in the third quarter. The second reason was that I didn’t pitch for many new clients. I focused more on growing my other streams of income such as eBay.

eBay – $495.70

eBay was my second highest income stream during the 2nd quarter. In the 1st quarter, it was fourth on the list. I will contribute the increase to me focusing more on it. I started taking better pictures of my items. I spent more time in the thrift stores. Also, I researched and started selling different items. In the past, I stuck with what I knew (shoes & sports related things). I’ve branched out a bit. I’ve started selling dress shoes, more clothing items and more. I have a great feeling that my eBay sales will get even better.

Sponsored Posts – $202.52

I only accepted a couple of sponsored posts last quarter. I get multiple emails a month where people are asking if I accept sponsored posts or not. Most of them either pay too low or the topic doesn’t even relate to my website. I want to provide value to my readers and give them good info and advice. I can’t just post anything on the site. That may make me lose readers.

Affiliates – $85.53

Affiliate income is something that I’m still working on. This type of income can be made while you sleep if your content is good enough. When it comes to affiliate marketing, I only promote products that I’ve used or things that add value.

Offer Up – $40

This income stream wasn’t on the last income report. I pretty much gave up on Offer Up at the beginning of the year. I thought that it was a glamorized Craigslist. In June, I decided to give it a second chance. I sold a bobblehead for forty bucks. Hopefully, I can get a few more sales this quarter.

Craigslist – $40

Craigslist was not on the last income report either. I was able to do some design work and post a flyer on Craigslist for someone. It was probably the easiest amount of money that I earned in the second quarter. I’m not sure if design work will turn into a main side hustle of mine, but I would do it again.

I can’t lie, a lot of my side hustle income is possible due to starting a blog. Four years ago, I took a risk and started TBJ. If you’ve considered starting a blog, do it. You don’t have anything to lose. Check out this post I wrote on how to create a website with Bluehost. Butler Journal readers can their website hosting and a domain for as low as $3.95 with this link.

My side hustle income was lower this quarter. The third quarter will be much better. I’ve planted quite a few seeds that I know will bloom. I’m ready to complete more goals and eliminate more of this damn debt.

Did you have a good 2nd quarter of the year?


  1. Nice! You had a good quarter. I swear I get sooo many emails about sponsored posts but most of the are spamy so I haven’t actually accepted one in months. I need to work on being proactive for sponsored opportunities!

    1. I get tons of spammy e-mails concerning sponsored posts as well. Thankfully, I get good ones every once in a while.

  2. This was on time. I actually have some sports items that I have been meaning to sell for MONTHS! Def will check out OfferUp. Continue to grind! This post makes me realize I need to get on it!

    1. Get on it! There is money out there waiting for you.

  3. Thanks for giving a breakdown. I am an eBay reseller and taking better pictures is huge in receiving more sales. View great photos as great customer service. Your potential client must rely on photos to inspect the quality of your merchandise. In addition, thanks for mentioning freelancing. I am looking forward to getting into this field too.

    1. I love that analogy. The photos really are like customer service. The better the picture, the better chance of you getting a sale.

  4. Congrats on making 3k from side hustles. I believe people should have multiple streams of income. I have had little success with affiliate links but hope to get more income from them in the future.

  5. Curious what type of freelance work you do? I am new to your site, so I apologize if I missed it somewhere else.

    What type of hourly rate are you earning on that freelance work?

    Looks like you had a great month!

    1. Hello John. I do freelance writing. Without giving a specific figure, I’ll say that rates are in the middle. They aren’t too expensive.

  6. Awesome job last quarter! I like how you’re trying out different streams of income. Once you launch that project you’re working on, I’m sure your income will increase.

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