March 2019 Debt & Life Update

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March went by fast as hell. One minute it seems like the month was just beginning. Now it’s over. I’ve been so working on the business that I forgot to recognize my 6-year bloggiversary.

The Butler Journal (my sites original name) was launched on March 3rd, 2013. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs during that time. I can’t believe that I’ve made it six years in the blogging game. I know a lot more about websites and creating content that I did back then. Usually, I have a giveaway each year to celebrate, but I’m not doing one right now. I’m not in a celebratory mood. It’s grind season. I have two goals that I’m working very hard to complete this year. Right now, I’m nowhere near completing either of them. I’ll probably have some sort of giveaway later in the year though.

I do want to share 10 of my favorite blog posts from the last 10 years.

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Every month I share five items that I sold on eBay. Here are the five for this month.

I paid $7 for this Mike Vick Pro Bowl Jersey. It sold for $35.

I picked this Harvard Sweatshirt up for $6.52. I was able to sell it for $35 as well.


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I got this pair of Air Jordan X for free. They sold $55.99

I picked up this Microsoft TCP Training for $6.20. I was able to sell it for $45.99.

Last but not least, I picked up this Brother Ink for free. I got it from someone on Nextdoor. It sold for $20.

I share these sales each month to show you that it is possible to make money with eBay. If you’re on the fence about selling on eBay, you should give it a chance today. My, How to Make Money in Your Spare Time With eBay course will teach you how to do just that. There are six modules that will have you set up and making money on the platform in no time.  For more info about the course, go here.

Let’s talk about my debt. It went from $65,851.25 to $65,620.75. It was a $230.50 decrease. Next month’s report will be better because my IRS situation is nearly complete. Also. I’ll be back from my first trip of 2019. I’ll be able to add a little more money to the debt.

BOA – Down from $1259.37 to $1231.37

Car Note – Down from $7584.97 to $7449.78

Earnest – Down from $22.223.79 to $22,156.48

Nelnet – Same $34,783.12

You can view all of my debt updates here.

After my trip, it’s going to be on and popping. I’ll be turning the grind mode up even more.


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