May 2016 Debt Update

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May 2016 debt updateWhat’s going on everyone? Memorial Day Weekend is here. Before you go out of town or start partying, I want to share with you my May 2016 debt update.

My debt went from $68,887.38 to $68,342.92. That was a decrease of $544.46. That is the most that the debt has gone down in one month. I received a $250 boost from winning the LendEDU student loan payment contest that I briefly discussed in my April update. Let’s check out the current numbers in detail.

May 2016 Debt Update

Loan 2 – Down from $5860 to $5850

Wells Fargo – Down from $519.11 to $99.35

Bank of America CC – Down from $920 to $908.14

Chase – Down from $1935 to $1910

Navient – Down from $24,777.24 to $24,700.53

Nelnet – Down from $34,875.25 to $34,874.90

I need to see results like this every month. As the side hustles continue to grow I know it will happen. I’ve seen several bloggers have their debt decrease by thousands every month. My time is coming. I love the fact that the Wells Fargo loan is under $100 now. It will be gone forever by June 3rd. Once that is gone Bank of America is up next!

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If you’re paying off debt, how is it going? Did you have a good May?



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