May 2020 Debt & Life Update

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Its day 1000 of the quarantine (not really, but it feels like it). I hope all is well with you. These last two months have been interesting as hell. I went from hating being in the house so much to finally finding a groove and getting stuff done. I’ve been more productive in the last month than I was in February and March combined. I’ve finally completed some important things off my to-do list, such as recording my first video for my new YouTube page. This is something that I’ve been talking about doing since 2018. I finally said eff it and got it done. You can see the video here. Make sure that you subscribe as well.

I’ve been doing very well with my reselling business. April was my best month ever with eBay. I made $1120 in sales. May should be even better. I’ve been able to sell all kinds of items during this pandemic. With thrift stores opening back up, I can expect that to continue. My inventory is currently at 229 items. Before the Rona, I was at 250. Honestly, it would be dope to see it get to 200 because that would mean that things are selling faster than I can keep up with.

If you’re new here, I share five sales that I had in the current month. Here are the five sales for May.

I paid $9 for this UGA Hoodie. It sold on Mercari for $20

I purchased this NCAA Football 2013 game for $5.35. It sold for $45.99

I paid $6 for this Hero Quest board game. It sold for $210. My best flip to date. 

I paid $1.82 of this Xbox Controller Stand. It sold for $20.

I found this Ironton Tanks shirt for $6.25. I sold it for $65.

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My debt went from $60,466.92 to $59,491.42. That was a drop of $975.50. Let’s freaking gooooooooooo! I’m happy for it to be under $60K again. Also, if you look at the chart, you’ll notice something else too. The Discover card is gone! I finally eliminated my credit card debt again. This time, I plan to keep it gone. I now have three debts left. They are my car note and my two student loans.

Car Note ⬇️ from $5649.15 to $5238.21

Earnest ⬇️ from $21,329.77 to $21,211.76

Nelnet ⬇️ from $33,342 to $33,042

It feels good to be under $60K again. I am ready to get under $50K though. It will happen sooner than later. I am excited and motivated to get this dent lower.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

How was May for you?

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If you are trying to get out of debt, you should read The Total Money Makeover. Dave Ramsey shares seven principles in this book called baby steps. Anyone can do them if they are focused and disciplined. I’m currently at baby step number 2. I can’t wait until I’m finished with number 7!