My Price is Right Experience

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I had a chance to be on The Price is Right in July when I was doing my cross country trip. Since my episode aired, I've had a few folks hit me up.

I had a chance to be on The Price is Right in July when I was doing my cross country trip. Since my episode aired, I’ve had a few people ask me questions about the show and how I got to be a contestant. This post is to help answer those questions.

My Price is Right Experience

We made it to the CBS Studios about 11:30 AM on July 10th. There were two lines at the entrance to the studio. One was for priority tickets. The other was for general admission. I requested tickets in April so ours were priority. The tickets are free. You can request them here. The priority line moved pretty fast.

For the next hour, we sat on benches and completed paperwork. During this time, you get to talk to other people who are waiting as well. People come from all over the country to be on The Price is Right.  We talked with people from San Diego, Tennessee, and Seattle.

The next step is to take pictures. Everybody takes a picture in front of a green screen. They use technology to make it look as if you’re standing in front of the wheel.  They are for sale if you want to purchase it. About an hour later the line starts to move again. This is where the fun part starts.

Everybody gets a chance to interview with one of the show’s producers. This is how they pick the contestants for the show. They take about twenty people at a time and ask you basic questions. I read somewhere that your best chance to be a contestant is to hijack the interview. Hijack the interview basically means talk with enthusiasm and have energy. When it was my groups turn to interview I was ready and I had a plan. The producer asked the group if we wanted a free car. Everybody said yes. I fist pumped and said, “yes, yes, yes”. He pointed at me and said “you’re crazy” and started laughing. I told him I was crazy and did the cuckoo sign with my index finger.  After that, he asked everybody where they were from. When he got to me I told him I, was from Atlanta and that I loved the game Plinko. I even shook his hand afterward. After the interview, I figured I had a 50/50 shot at being a contestant.

After the interviews, we moved to the next location. We had to leave all cell phones or cameras with security. They don’t allow you to bring those in the studio at all. Next, we had lunch that we had to purchase. It wasn’t that expensive, though. About an hour after we ate, they finally started seating people in the studio. The studio was smaller than I thought it was going to be, but it was very nice. After everyone was seated one of the producers went over some things. Then they were ready to start the show. It was probably about 4 PM at this point.

They called the first four people to come down. I wasn’t one of them. The first contestant went on stage and played his game. Shortly afterward they called the next name. The announcer said, “JASON BUTLER come on down”! I was like holy crap. They called my name. I ran down and took my place on contestant’s row.

It worked! I made it as a contestant! You can view my episode HERE. The show aired on November 1st. I won some nice prizes. I would definitely go on the show again if given the chance.


Have you ever been on a game show? Did you win anything? 


  1. That is SO cool! I always wondered how that worked, so it was fun to read. Thanks! And glad you got some good stuff 🙂

  2. Wow that is awesome! This is interesting because just the other day I was telling W about how we should try to be on the Price is Right.

    1. Y’all should do it. You would have a great time.

  3. That’s awesome that you made it on the price is right. I used to watch that show a lot as a kid. I probably would fail interview part. I hate those things.

  4. I looks like you had so much fun! You won some good stuff. I need some gas and a pizza lol. Where else did you go on your cross country trip?

    1. We drove Interstate 10 from east to west stopping in several cities.

  5. Hi Jason; I have never met anyone who has been on one of those shows. I enjoy watching them with the family. you mentioned your interstate 10 road trip in the beginning. Is this a personal journey or part of a promotional trip? will you be posting more stories from the road? i eventually want to do that myself and would appreciate any suggestions you have. That includes any ideas you have for getting someone else to pay for it. smile thanks again for the behind the scenes look at my favorite game show. take care, max

  6. Wow what an awesome experience!!! Congratulations!! 🙂

  7. That is so exciting!!!! What a rush that must have been. Good for you and extra points for being so smart about it. I wish I could watch it, but its not available for us here in Canada.

  8. Sounds fantastic. And like you did some homework beforehand which paid off for you: I tried to view your episode with the link you shared however, it said, it was no longer available.

    1. I just added a different link to the episode. It should work now.

  9. I missed this post, but just watched your show segment on YouTube. That’s just really cool. One of my best memories growing up would be sitting on the couch with my mom when my two older sisters were at school and we would watch the Price is Right.

    1. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

  10. Now I can put a face to the blog…very cool.

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