November 2015 Debt Update

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What's going on everyone? I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving. This is my November 2015 debt update. Keep reading to see how I did.What’s going on everyone? I hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving. This is my November 2015 debt update post.  Since January, I’ve been actively paying off my debt. I plan on paying that debt off by October 17th, 2018. That will be my 35th birthday. I’m making that happen by creating multiple streams of income. Some of those streams work well while others don’t. I’m at the point where any money coming in is good.

November 2015 Debt Update

My total debt went from $70,411.42 to $70, 207.71. That was a drop in $203.71. I’m working on a few new side hustles to help that amount increase in the next few months.

Loan 2 – DOWN from $5920 to $5910

CU Loan – DOWN from $138.45 to $92.07

Wells Fargo – DOWN from $1076.94 to $1030.75

Bank of America CC – DOWN from $3077.42 to $3046.90

Navient – DOWN from $25,360.63 to $25,258.94

Nelnet – UP from $34,837.98 to $34,869.05


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How has your debt repayment been going?



  1. Keep up the good work! Any progress is good progress as long as you’re headed in the right direction and have a plan 🙂

  2. I’m that way now, but it’s easier said than done especially if you aren’t properly educated about debt at a young age.

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