November 2019 Debt & Life Update

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November was a lot less busy for me than October was. I spent most of the month working on business related items. I added something new to my Gumroad store. You can check it out here when you get a chance. I’m also still working on increasing my income.

One of my goals for the upcoming year is to have a $2k and $3k month. For the first time in my life I actually believe that it will happen. Your mindset is no joke. A couple of years ago, I had a goal to make $4000 in one month. It never happened. It was more like a wish. Now, I believe that I can make $2K & $3K because I have a plan. I’ve been putting in the work to make this happen. Soon, everyone will be able to see it.

While I’m discussing goals and plans, y’all know that I started my site to document my debt journey. I currently have over $64,000 worth of debt, but I see the numbers finally starting to move. After my failure to pay it off last year, I decided not to set another debt payoff date. I decided to work and figure things out. Earlier this month, I decided to play with some numbers. I wanted to see how long it would take me to pay off my debt if I applied $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000 & $5000 to it each month. I rounded the number up to $65,000 to make it easier.


If I put $1000 each month, my debt will be paid off in April of 2025. If I’m able to put $5000 on it each month, it would be eliminated by December of 2020. This chart is interesting. I’ve never gone into detail with the numbers like this before. Seeing them shows me that I can actually make things happen. Right now, I’m putting $1000 – $1500 on the debt each month. That number will continue to increase. I’m putting in the work and growing my businesses each month.

While I’m talking about business, my eBay & other platform sales have been great this month. This has actually been one of my best months of the year. Check out these five sales that I’ve had this month. Three were from eBay and two were from other platforms.

I paid $6.50 for this Vintage Polo Sweater. It sold for $85.

I paid $2.64 for this board game called Quelf. I sold it for $20 on Facebook Marketplace.

I’ve never heard of the clothing brand “Iro-Chi” before, but this baseball jersey looked nice. I picked it up for $5.11. I was able to flip it for $55.

I had this Reggie Bush jersey for over a year. I paid $3.20 for it, I sold it for $17 on OfferUp.

I was able to get this 1830 Board Game for free. It sold for $85.99.

If you are new at eBay, check out my course, How to Make Money in Your Spare Time With eBay. In this course I go over the following things.

  • Module 1 – How to set up an account in less than 20 minutes
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  • Module 4 – What happens when you get your first sale
  • Module 5 – How to handle the shipping process
  • Module 6 – 3 secret strategies I use to promote and get sales

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My debt went from $65,589.47 to $64,773.61. That was a decrease of $815.86. That was another good month for me. I love the direction that the numbers are going.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

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How was November for you?