October 2015 Debt Update

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October 2015 Debt Update

It’s time for my monthly debt update. In this post, I share with you the progress that I am having each month with my debt. Since January, I’ve been actively keeping track of the debt and paying it off.  I plan on paying off my debt by a specific date. I will do that by creating multiple streams of income. Some of those streams are eBay and t-shirt sales. Below is the October 2015 debt update:

October 2015 Debt Update

The total debt went down from $70,624.94 to $70,411.42. My debt decreased by $213.52. It seems like it should have been more, but it wasn’t because of the interest on some of the loans.

Loan 2 – DOWN from $5930 to $5920


Credit Union Loan – DOWN from $188.34 to $138.45


Wells Fargo Loan – DOWN from $1127.18 to $1076.94


Bank of America CC – DOWN from $3108.37 to $3077.42


Navent – DOWN from $25,466.27 to $25,360.63


Nelnet – UP from $34804.73 to $34,837.98


I’m making small gains, but it’s time for them to get bigger. Also, I’m working on some ways to create more extra money. I will be discussing a few in the upcoming weeks.

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How has your debt repayment been going?



  1. Interest sucks! At first my car loan was costing me around $100/month, just in interest. Now that it’s almost gone, it’s running me only around $30-40. It’s still a decent chunk of money, but it’s much better than what it was.

    1. I’d take $30-$40 over $100 any day.

  2. Interest is a killer. I know you tried to get a 0% transfer card, but have you tried any other loan consolidation? I’ve heard of some new consolidation programs that seem pretty legit. Granted it doesn’t get you down to, say, 3%, but it does seem to help if your debt is currently closer to ~20%.

    1. I haven’t. I will take time during my Christmas break to research some of the programs.

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