October 2020 Debt & Life Update

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Next week we’ll be in November. 2020 is almost done. I know that this hasn’t been the best year for a lot of people, but I choose to remain grateful. There have been some negatives, but there have also been some positives. I choose to look at the positives for the rest of the year.

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October is always a busy month. I celebrate my birthday and I’m usually at someone’s homecoming (SSU, Morehouse, or Clark). Since HBCU’s canceled the football season due to the pandemic, there were no homecomings this year. I did celebrate my birthday in a fun way. I went to Miami Beach for the first time since 2017. I had a great time. I’m recharged and ready to dominate the last 2 months of 2020.  There are three things that I’m focusing on for the rest of the year.

My Audit

As of this writing, I have 126 blog posts that still need to have some kind of update. They either need new images added to the posts, new keywords, or they need more content added. I’ve been learning so much about SEO for the last few weeks. I think that it will get My Money Chronicles to the next level. When I say the next level, I’m talking about getting a lot more traffic.


I’m actively looking for a job again. My break from the workforce has been nice, but it’s time to bring more money in. I gained clarity on how I want some things to go. I have ways too many goals. A new job will get me there quicker than unemployment will.

Get Under $50K

I’m less than $5000 away from having under $50K worth of debt. I can do this shit. I want to make this happen before January. I’m ramping up the side hustles and crossposting even more items. That way I will make more sales.

In last month’s update, I discussed some reasons why my blog traffic went down and I talked about Pinterest. I stated that I was going to post more on the platform in hopes of getting more traffic. Well, I posted a lot more and it did not work. I was kinda shocked. My views are the lowest that they ever been, so screw Pinterest for the moment. I’m not scheduling pins anytime soon. I’ll manually pin one or two items a day to see if that will work.

I’ve read that a lot of others are having similar problems with Pinterest. I was relieved to find out that it wasn’t just me. I need them to get their act together. Pinterest was once my number one traffic source. If they happen to fix the issues that they are having, I’ll start back scheduling pins. I doubt that will happen though, so I’ll be focusing on SEO and YouTube traffic.

My resell business has been up and down this month. It’s been surprisingly slow the last couple of weeks. The good thing is that I’ve been getting some sales on Poshmark and Mercari. That’s why I always preach crossposting. When one platform isn’t bringing in money, another one will.

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Below are 5 flips that I’ve had this month.

I got this dig kennel for free. It sold on Craigslist for $40.

I paid $2.22 for this Cashflow for Kids game. It sold on eBay for $48.

I purchased this Scotland Starbucks mug for $1.08. It sold for $48.

I got this Batman jersey for $4.19. I sold it for $30 on Mercari.

I spent $16 on this Michael Jordan jersey. I sold it for $50.

My debt went from $55,744.74 to $54,815.11. That was a drop of $929.63. Below are the details.

Car Note ⬇️ from $3097.94 to $2546.45

Earnest ⬇️ from $20,804.80 to $20,726.66

Nelnet ⬇️ from $31,842 to $31,542

I’m saving $28 per month on my private student loans and I received a lower interest rate when I refinanced with Earnest. Refinancing your student loans may help you as well.  If you’re approved for refinancing, you will also get a $200 bonus. Visit their site here today.

You can view all of my debt updates here.

The numbers are still going in the right direction. I’m a little over $4800 away from having less than $50K worth of debt. I’m hype. I just have to keep positive and continue to work on increasing this income. I can do it.

How was October for you?

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