10 Tips For A Positive New Year

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Can you believe that 2021 is almost over? This year went by fast. 2021 has been a good year for me. I changed careers, eliminated a good amount of debt, and more. 2022 will be even better. I’m claiming it now. I have a lot of things in the works.  2022 will be a productive and positive new year. In this post, I want to share with you ten tips that will make it a positive new year for you as well.

1. Plan Goals For The Year

Make sure that you plan some goals for the new year. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be anything as long as you set out and make an effort to accomplish it. If this is your first time planning goals, set out to complete at least one thing each quarter. Having goals will help you achieve a lot of things this upcoming year. I typically take some time during my Christmas break to work on my goals. In the past, I used to have 2-3 goals for each month. After having multiple years of completing only have of them, I decided to dial it down a little. Now, I only plan 3-5 goals per year. It’s better that way for me. I have a notebook where I write my goals. If you need one, you can use one similar to the notebook below.

2. Exercise And Eat Healthy

Exercising and eating healthy are vital in making sure you have a good year. When you exercise and eat healthy, you feel and look better. When you feel better, you can get more things accomplished. You will also be able to focus a lot more too. I will be the first to say that I don’t always eat healthy, but I am working on it. I’m not saying that you have to go full vegan this year, but you should watch what you are eating. Try to eat less fast food. Also, try to limit or eliminate your soda intake. Last but not least, try not to eat as much fried food. Something that I’ve done in the past was a detox. I eliminate a lot of bad food from my diet and only I drink tea and water. Usually, I do that in March or April for two weeks. I haven’t decided when I’m doing my 2022 detox. I’ll definitely keep you posted though.

3. Stay Focused

In today’s world, there are so many distractions to keep you from being great. Being on social media too much and watching too much reality TV is just a couple of them. I can’t lie, I love Twitter. Sometimes on there too much. Make sure you take time weekly to focus on things you want to do. You will be able to thank yourself later for focusing on the things that matter. One thing you can do to help you focus is to turn off every device and just relax and meditate. Meditating will help you focus better. Your thoughts will be clearer. Below is a video that I meditate on from time to time.

Meditation doesn’t have to be 30 minutes. You can do it in 5 minutes. I try to meditate every morning before I go to work. It calms me down and helps to get me mentally ready for the day.

4. Check Your Progress

The next tip for a positive new year is to check your progress. At the beginning of every month, you should go over your goals and look at your progress. How did you do? Did you complete your goal for the month? Did you fall short? Review what you did or didn’t do. Come up with a plan to work on it next month. Also, make sure that you are prepared to complete your future goals as well. I know that it’s not always easy to complete your goals, but don’t give up. If you have to push some of them back (I Have), do it.

5. Stay Positive

The fifth tip in this post that features ten tips for a positive new year is just that, stay positive!  Make a habit to stay positive in all situations. It will not always be easy, but you should try it. You will feel better being positive instead of being negative. You will be amazed at how things will get better for you. Positive vibes are contagious. You don’t have anything to lose. Try having a positive attitude and see how things change for the better.

6. Be Ready to Start Afresh

A major thing that holds people back from achieving their goals in the New Year is that they carry their old mindset and mentality from the former year to the new one. Believe it or not, your mentality or mindset plays a huge role in how you achieve the goals you set out for yourself. These mindsets could be a result of previous failures or hindrances experienced before. Going into the New Year, you have to put all that behind you and be ready to start afresh. Be prepared to try a new approach free of negativity and full of hope and positivity.

7. Free Yourself of Past Resentments

To move forward and have a positive new year, I urge you to free yourself from every hurt, pain, or grudge you might have had in the past year. Every single resentment, no matter how little can weigh you down and lower your positivity in the New Year. Purge yourself from those things and be ready to move on. If you were on the hurting end of the coin, go ahead and apologize to those you have hurt and sick forgiveness from them. Doing this not only helps to free your mind but also helps increase your positivity in the new year and focus properly on being better and achieving your goals.

8. Build Your Mind

Staying positive in this new also involves some mental work aside from physical work. You have to constantly train your mind to stay positive. You could do this by starting a meditation routine. Meditation helps you to stay calm and keep your mind and body positive. You could get some meditation tools and resources on apps like iTunes.

You could also be someone that motivates you to do better and continue to listen to them. It could be a motivational or public speaker. Listening to them will help you to stay positive.

9. Be Grateful

It’s a new year. Take the first step to be grateful for everything. Think about where you’re coming from and how far you’ve come. Think about where you are now and be grateful. Think about all you went through in the past year; be grateful for the good and the bad, the ups and the down. These things have defined and molded you into who you are now.

Being grateful will help you to start the year with a lot of positivity because you have a great conviction in your heart that everything is going to be alright.

10. Be Disciplined

Maintaining a positive lifestyle over the New Year has a lot to do with being disciplined. Stick to your plans, your routines, and your resolutions, and the result will be nothing short of phenomenal.

Do you have any tips that people can use to have a good new year?