How to Save Money on Christmas Gifts

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Christmas is a wonderful holiday when the whole family can finally get together. Imagine how fun it will be decorating a Christmas tree. In addition, you will surely get a lot of positive emotions during the party. But don’t forget about gifts. What if you have a big family? How to please every relative and not spend a lot of money? In this post, we will be sharing some ways to save money on Christmas gifts.

Track Your Spending

First, you must decide how many gifts you should buy. The next step is choosing a budget. You must allocate a certain amount which should be enough for each family member. Prepare to compromise. What if you are a student and don’t have enough money? How about some extra money for a couple of weeks? There are tons of side hustles out there. If you are really in a tough place, you can get one or two low-cost gifts and call it a day. “Can I pay someone to do my homework?” This trick will save you time and help you concentrate on the gifts. Most family members understand that college students don’t have that much money.

Shop Early

If you put money aside for Christmas, visiting your local stores and shopping before December is best. The fact is that the pre-holiday excitement will surely become an obstacle to choosing good gifts. In addition, the shortage of some goods will lead to an increase in prices. You probably wouldn’t want to pay 20% more than usual. Make a list of gifts and go shopping. This hack works great and will allow you not to spend more money than you should. Getting your gifts in advance will also alleviate stress during the holiday season.

Give Fewer Gifts

This advice may seem overly radical. Nevertheless, you can save a lot if you don’t give your friends and family many gifts. Talk to those close to you in advance. Discuss your financial situation or agree not to give expensive items. In addition, you can discuss alternatives in advance. How about sweets, cake, or birthday cards? You can also give fun gifts like a Santa hat or a snowflake keyring. This approach will be especially relevant for students looking to save money and use the “order essay” option.

Use Old Gift Cards

This next idea saves you money. You likely have a couple of old gift cards you aren’t using. How about activating all of your bonus options and saving between 10% and 30%? Typically, you can even expect a big discount depending on the type of store and product group. In addition, you can ask your relatives in advance about their preferences. What if your cousin or sister has long wanted to buy a gadget? Give them a discount, and they will be very happy.

Combine Your Orders

It’s no secret that many people buy gifts online. You probably know that shipping can be quite expensive, especially if you order items from out of state. How about combining your orders? There is nothing wrong with buying all gifts in one online store. This solution will allow you to pay for only one package. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the box’s weight, width, and height you receive. However, you can save a lot and spend money on something equally important.

Say No to Random Gift Exchanges

One of the main problems of Christmas is that people give random gifts. So this means you can get socks or a trimmer instead of something really valuable. Agree with your family about which gifts to give. It’s best if you choose something special in advance. In addition, it will be much easier for you to know how much you need if each relative gives you a list. Moreover, you can even agree in advance not to give gifts at all. Enjoy a pleasant pastime.

Go In on a Group Gift

Let’s say one of your relatives is dreaming of an expensive gift. It would be unwise to spend a lot of money alone, especially if you’ve already exceeded your budget. Agree with friends and family to buy one big gift together. This decision makes sense as you can save money and please the one who is dear to you. It is best if you discuss such ideas with friends and family at least a month before Christmas.


Most likely, this advice will seem a little strange to you. At the same time, you have probably been given gifts that you do not need at least once. What if your friend, uncle, or cousin is dreaming of something that you already have? So this is why you shouldn’t open gifts you don’t need. Present such a thing to someone, and you can save money. Most likely, you have at least a couple of useless things that you don’t need. But you should not give something completely useless, as you can offend those dear to you.


Fortunately, anyone can save on Christmas gifts with all of the tips above. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to please those who are dear to you. Instead, use this list of life hacks to stay on budget. Now you always have a fallback. Adapt to current conditions, and you can save money.