Effective Side Gigs for Single Mothers: Earn Extra Income Easily

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Finding ways to earn extra income while managing the demands of motherhood can be challenging for single moms. This article explores practical and flexible side gigs that can help single mothers boost their earnings without compromising their family time.

Start an Etsy Shop

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Consider selling your handmade jewelry and accessories on Etsy if you’re a single mother. All you need to start your shop is a small amount of time. Posting an item costs $0.20. A 3.5% transaction fee is further assessed by Etsy on the sale price.

Clean Houses

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Can you clean well? If so, think about spending a few hours on the weekend cleaning houses. Not everyone enjoys cleaning. You can get paid by certain people to clean their apartments or houses. Start by asking your friends or family if they know someone who is in need of a house cleaner.

Sell Your Hair

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Interestingly, the third side hustle on the list of side gigs for single mothers is interesting. It’s true that you can sell your hair for a fast buck. Individuals purchase hair for a variety of purposes, including wigs. For something that grows in a matter of months, why not make a small alteration on the side?

Completing Surveys

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Another really easy side gig for single mothers is taking online surveys. You can complete this one on your lunch break at work. Even doing surveys won’t make you wealthy, you can earn a few hundred bucks a month doing them.

Write an Ebook

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If you’re a writer who is a single mother, you can make an ebook. There are countless subjects on which to write. You want to identify a subject matter that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. You can write a guide as a single mother to offer advice to other single mothers.

Dog Walker

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This is a side business you should think about if you enjoy dogs. The pay for dog walkers is from $25 to $35 per walk. If you are able to plan many walks each week, that’s great. Rover is a website to start with. Learn more about it here.

Freelance Writer

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You can work as a freelance writer if you don’t have an ebook idea but still want to write for money. You could investigate hundreds of opportunities. Bloggers occasionally ask for assistance with writing. To find out about those jobs, check out Craigslist, The Problogger Job Board, and Upwork.

Virtual Assistant

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Many businesswomen and men require virtual assistants (VAs). VAs perform a variety of jobs, including writing articles, making Pinterest photos, and responding to emails. Moms can work from home in the VA roles.

Become a Makeup Artist

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Making makeup on the side is the next item on the list of side jobs for single mothers. Weddings, pageants, and other events will never stop happening. This implies that you will always be able to locate customers.

You can find the full list of side hustles for single moms here.

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