How I Made An Extra $2089 The Second Quarter of 2019

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second quarter of 2019

The second quarter of 2019 has come and gone. I did decent that quarter. I made an extra $2089 on the side. It’s $1000 less than my 2018 second quarter report. In the past, I’d be frustrated about this amount but I’m not. I was out of town for 9 days in April. I was also busy still getting my blog in order after the rebrand. Things are much better now. Also, there’s more money out there, but it just hasn’t reached my account yet. I only include income that’s been paid out. Let’s get the numbers.

Second Quarter of 2019

Here’s the breakdown.

EBay – $1414.22

Surprise, eBay was number one on the list again. I’m consistently finding items to flip and it’s working. This was my third highest quarter with eBay. I feel that I’m going to have a record-setting quarter very soon. I typically find items in thrift stores and yard sales. There are all types of things that you can flip at those places. Make sure that you are following me on Instagram at MyMoneyChronicles so that you can see the items that I find and flip each week.

Below are some eBay resources that will help you.

5 Items to Sell on eBay – A short webinar that I made that goes over five items that you can flip.

eBay Items Checklist – A checklist that I created that features 45 items that you should be looking to sell on eBay. You can download this list and print it.

How to Make Money in Your Spare Time With eBay – A course that I created that’s geared to help anyone start making with eBay.

Other Platforms – $312.76

EBay isn’t the only place that I sell items at online. I also sold items on Bonanza, Poshmark, Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram. That was a damn record for me. I was able to do this by cross-posting and updating the items every few weeks. I’ll have a post that goes over how to cross-post in the upcoming weeks.

Sponsored Posts – $145.35

In my second quarter income report of 2018, this section was number one. This year, it’s number three. I just haven’t had quality companies reaching out to me this year. There’s been a lot of companies reaching out with those spammy loans or casino links. In the past, I’ve accepted a couple of those. I’m getting away from that though. Also, I’ve had companies try to lowball me. I could care less if their budget is only $30. Find a newbie blogger for that rate.

Ads – $115.81

Ads have never been a huge moneymaker for my site, well at least not yet. As I continue to create longer content and update some of my old articles, I have a feeling that will be changing soon.

Misc. – $101.02

This includes the course, ebook, and shirt sales. I plan on working harder on this income stream in the third quarter. I became more serious with Merch By Amazon in March and I’ve been getting at least one shirt sale a month without much promotion. That’s cool to me. I just have to keep coming up with good designs and keywords. Once that happens, I’ll consistently make money on there.

My income reports have been up and down ever since I started them in 2017. I’m working to get them to be more consistent. Some bloggers make his look so damn easy, it’s not. It is hard work getting consistent with your side hustle income. I have a feeling that I’m very close to a real breakthrough. Once I crack that code, it’s going down. More debt will be eliminated and I’ll be able to help more people do the same.

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  1. Congrats on the multiple income streams, and it’s a great sign that there is a shift in what makes more money — that means you’re truly diversifying. We’re in declutter mode now, and there are definitely a lot of things we could sell. So far, we have just given away to our large extended family but eBay is definitely on my radar.

    1. Thanks. The shift is key. A bet you have a few items that would sell on eBay.

  2. wow, this is really wow I have never made such before and iam glad I came across this post. I do hope to make more than you lolz.

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