Top 10 Posts of 2018

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I published a lot of posts this year. Some were updated versions of previous posts, while others were new. There are tons of good articles for me to choose from. Today, I want to share with you what I think are the top 10 posts of 2018.

10 Survival Tips For St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah

Savannah, GA is one of my favorite cities. I’m shocked that it’s been four years since I last visited there. Savannah has one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the country. It’s a 2-3 day party every year. In this post, I go over ten survival tips for St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah.

List of African American Personal Finance Bloggers

I’ve heard over the years that people don’t know of any African American finance bloggers. I know that they are out there, and I know quite a few of them. I decided to create a round-up post featuring quite a few of them.

18 Awesome Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

For some, saving money is hard to do. I lot of people struggle with it. Many don’t even have enough money to cover a $500 emergency. In this post, I go over 18 awesome ways to trick yourself into saving money.

I’ll Admit It – I Failed, The Truth About My Debt Payoff Struggle

This was one of the realest posts that I’ve ever written. I set a goal in 2015 to pay off my debt by 2018. I thought I could make it happen, but I didn’t. Honestly, I still have over $60,000 worth of debt due to having to get another car this year. In this post, I discuss my debt journey and my struggles.

20 Easy Side Hustles For Single Mothers

There are quite a few single mothers out there. I know my some of them need help with money at times. This post features 20 easy side hustles for them. There’s a side hustle for everyone in here.

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14 Changes to Make When Your eBay Items Aren’t Selling

If you’re a member of any eBay seller groups online, you’ll hear people complaining that eBay is “dead”. It’s not. Sometimes you may just have a bad week, or your items may not be what people are looking for at the moment. This post goes over 14 changes that anyone can make to their eBay listings when their items aren’t selling.

10 Years After I Graduated College, WTF Happened

May 10th, 2018 marked ten years since I graduated from college. Things haven’t gone as planned these last 10 years. I have had a few ups and downs during the past few years. In this post, I share them with you

30 Interesting Things Sold on eBay

People sell all types of shit on eBay. If you can think of it, I’m sure that someone has tried to sell it over the years. In this post, I feature 30 things that sold that I thought were pretty interesting. These aren’t your regular items like shoes, clothes or bobbleheads either.

A Day in The Life of a Part-Time Blogger

I have a full-time job, so I can only blog in my spare time. I’ve seen other bloggers do “A day in the life” posts before. I decided to do one myself and talk about what a part-time blogger does.

Free Money, How to Get $1000 This Month

Everyone likes getting money. I know I do. It’s even better when it’s free. This post has different ways for you to get $1000 this month.

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