50 Unique Blog Post Ideas

1.  “How To” Posts

“How to” blog posts can be great for your blog. Whatever you’re an expert at, you can write about it. I’ve had several “how to” posts on my blog, including How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing or How to Save for an Emergency Fund.

2. Interviews

Are there people in your industry that you want to get to know? Are they making a difference? If so, you should interview them on your site. At one point, I had a side hustle series where I interviewed people doing side hustles. Those posts used to keep me motivated.

3. Current Events

The third one on this blog topic idea list is to discuss current events. To be honest, all types of foolishness are happening in the world now. There is never a dull moment, from politics to seeing how LeBron will do with the Lakers this season.

4. Life Updates

Has anything big or important happened in your life lately? If so, share it on your blog. Life updates can be quick blog posts you can complete in a few minutes.

5. Mother’s Day

You can do a Mother’s Day post where you share different gift ideas.

6. Host a Giveaway

You can host a giveaway if you are trying to get more people to your blog quickly. You can set it up through Rafflecopter and promote it.

7. Father’s Day

Like the Mother’s Day post, you can share gift ideas for Father’s Day.

8. Blog Post Roundup

Have you read any blog posts that stuck out to you recently? If so, you can do a roundup on your blog featuring them. I used to do a monthly roundup where I shared ten posts I enjoyed reading the previous month.