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eBay Sales Duration: Unveiling My 

Unveiled my eBay average sales time after researching top-selling items: clothes, jerseys, shoes, mugs, books, and board games.

clothes were my most popular item. Shifting focus to listing more clothing for better sales.

Sales Time

My eBay sales take an average of 225 days, but most items sell within 30-100 days. Longest: 934 days. Shortest: 6 hours. Goal: under 100 days.

Quick Selling eBay Items


Source faster-selling items online, thrift stores. Flip Jordan shoes, jerseys, vintage games, electronics. Get my ebook: '50 Brands to Sell.

Competitive Pricing

Enhancing competitiveness, I aim to adjust pricing strategy, striking a balance between profitability and customer satisfaction for faster sales.

Cross-Post More Items

Boost sales on eBay by cross-posting items on Mercari, OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Nextdoor, and Poshmark. Maximize exposure, reduce sales time.

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