Exciting Business Ideas for Kids

Selling homemade crafts

a lucrative way for kids to earn money. Local markets, online platforms like Etsy, and social media offer wide-reaching opportunities.

House sitting

Reliable and trustworthy individuals handle tasks like security checks, mail collection, and chores, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

Junk removal

Start a junk removal business with minimal capital. All you need is a truck, tools, and online promotion. Prioritize safety and set a pricing structure.

Mobile phone repairing

Start a mobile phone repair business with essential tools, training, and advertising. Troubleshoot and fix common issues like water damage and broken screens.

Selling artwork online

Kids can sell their artwork online by choosing their medium, finding a platform like Etsy, ensuring good quality, fair pricing, and using marketing strategies.

Reselling items

Discover hidden gems at garage sales, resell for profit. Find sales online, thrift stores, and estate sales. Research, refurbish, and sell for a lucrative online presence.

Making and selling bath bombs

Creating bath bombs is simple and cost-effective. Kids can get creative with ingredients and molds. Personalized packaging attracts customers.

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