For many people, money can be a tricky subject. Due to the economy, some people are barely getting by.

Going to the park is the first item on the list of free things to do. The park is always a nice place to visit.


Go to the Park

The library is always free. Besides books, you can also check out movies and music. If you work at home


Visit the Library

Next up on the list of free things to do is to learn a foreign language. You can rent some books from the library in the language you are interested in


Learn a Foreign Language

Most of us have a box of family pictures – here is a time to go through it and create an album. Once you begin this process.


Start a Photo Project

It is not exactly a sporting event but an outdoor treasure-hunting game involving a GPS to hide and seek caches


Go Geocaching

You could take some time and do some volunteer work. Visit a hospital to ask if their pediatric ward needs a storyteller.



Several cities host free live music concerts, picnics, and festivals, so find out from your newspapers


Take in a Local Event

A picnic with close relatives is an excellent way to have fun without spending money. You can go to your preferred outdoor spot


Go on a picnic

Hiking is one of the best ways to see nature while exercising the body. Find trails near you using channels like AllTrails


Take a Hike

Books are free to read and usually easily accessible. If you don’t have a book, you can easily find one at a local library


Read Some Books