A Look at the Pros and Cons of

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines has a good track record of punctuality, ensuring that flights arrive and depart on time.



The airline maintains clean and well-maintained cabins, providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for passengers.


Frontier Airlines employs friendly and helpful flight attendants who are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Flight Attendants

The airline offers affordable ticket prices, making air travel accessible to a wider range of customers.

Low cost

Frontier Airlines has comfortable and spacious seating arrangements, providing ample legroom and a more enjoyable flying experience.


Uncomfortable seats with minimal legroom and no recline option.



No in-flight Wi-Fi available, which can be an inconvenience for some passengers.

No Wi-Fi

Frontier charges extra for everything, including checked baggage, carry-on bags, seat selection, and even water on board.

Charge for Everything

Frontier operates fewer flights compared to other major airlines, which can limit options for travelers.

Amount of Flights

Frontier has a reputation for frequent delays and cancellations, which can cause significant inconvenience for passengers.


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