The Beginner's Guide to Selling on 


Get Started

Start selling on eBay now! Create a free account by entering your name, email, and password. Follow the instructions and have your account live within 10 minutes.

Sign Up for PayPal

Sign up for a free account to send money, make payments, and verify your checking account or credit card for secure transactions.

eBay’s Manage Payments

eBay's Manage Payments simplifies transactions by handling payments, offering multiple payment options, and providing a centralized platform for sellers' needs.

How does it work?

Link bank/Payoneer to eBay for payouts. Payoneer gives quick access; bank transfers take 2-5 business days. Fees deducted by eBay.

What Do You Want to Sell

Discover profitable items by starting with what you know, researching their market value, and listing them for sale to make money online.

Take Good Pictures

Capture quality photos to attract eBay buyers. Clear, well-lit images with 10-12 pictures showcase your item effectively. Use a lightbox for professional results.

Auction or Buy it Now

Auction allows bidding, highest bidder wins. Buy now has fixed price. Auctions last 3, 5, 7, or 10 days, buy now for 30. Check sold listings for pricing guidance.

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