Redbubble is a free online marketplace that is open to anyone. It helps thousands of designers or artists connect with new audiences to sell their work on different products

It is free to sell your items on Redbubble. This platform either pays directly into your bank account monthly or through PayPal. The payout threshold is $20.

This platform could offer many benefits for anyone looking to develop branded merchandise without much investment.

The wide array of products featured on Redbubble comes from multiple independent artists and designers uploading their designs and arts onto the platform.

So, anytime someone purchases a design, Redbubble prints the item and ships it off to the customer.  Designers receive a royalty of roughly about 10% to 30% of the artwork’s purchase price.

Ranking #632 on Alexa with over 30 million page views per month per SimilarWeb, Redbubble is a platform that boosts your chances of getting discovered as an artist and making sales.

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