Investors in 2023

Top Investment Apps for begginer 

What Is an Investment App?

Investment apps simplify online trading, managing finances, and tracking spending. Choose wisely based on low fees, suitable features, and your financial goals.

Reasons For Picking These Apps

low costs, diverse accounts, user-friendly features, broad investment products. Start investing easily and reap the benefits.


Easy $1/month investment app with fractional investing, retirement options, custodial accounts. Perfect for new, thematic investors.

Ally Invest

Beginner-friendly app with $0 trading costs, low-cost options, no-transaction-fee funds. Forex, portfolio management, technical tools.

M1 Finance

a hybrid Robo-advisor and brokerage. Create custom pies, diversify with ETFs, and put your portfolio on autopilot.


Easy-to-use investment app automates transfers, invests spare change, offers diversified portfolios based on retirement timeline. Fees start at $1/month.


No-commission app for trading stocks, options, ETFs, and crypto. Easy-to-use interface, news feed, instant deposits, and premium features available.


Commission-free trading app for stocks, options, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Extended-hours trading, IRA options, customizable platform, and stock charts.

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