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Greyhound Bus Travel

Greyhound bus offers convenient travel options for commuters and inter-city travelers, providing a hassle-free experience with reliable routes.



Greyhound offered a great deal on a $45 round-trip bus ticket from Atlanta to Charlotte, cheaper than rental cars or Amtrak. Early booking saved money.

Bigger Seats

Improved Greyhound bus seats offer passengers a comfortable and spacious experience, with ample legroom, unlike the smaller and rougher seats of the past.

Power Outlets

Greyhound buses now have power outlets, added in recent years. Handy for charging devices like phones and laptops on trips. Bring electronics along!


Greyhound's free Wi-Fi on buses is a significant convenience, allowing work and connectivity during travel, especially near bigger cities.


Buses were remarkably clean; no gum, stains, or dirt. Greyhound improved standards, enhancing the overall experience.



The bus was very cold, requiring a jacket or blanket to stay warm. It's important to be prepared with appropriate clothing on Greyhound buses.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be disruptive in public spaces; be prepared for potential loud conversations on buses and consider using headphones to block them out.

Late Arrival

Travel delays occur, but Greyhound's success shines. Late arrival in Charlotte, but punctual return trip. Competition with Megabus drives improvement.

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