Plan your perfect road trip with our comprehensive guide to road trip essentials. From packing must-haves to safety tips and entertainment ideas

Your phone is now the primary way of navigating while on your road trip, with apps such as Google Maps and Apple maps


Car Charger

Breaking down while on a road trip is never ideal but it does happen


Emergency Toolkit with Spare Tire and Jack

Another ‘in case of emergency item’ that is vital is the humble flashlight.This will come in handy if you break down at night



While most road trips start with high levels of organization, things sometimes do not go to plan.


Travel Pillows and Throws

It is important to ensure everyone on the road trip is comfortable throughout the journey


Car Garbage Bin

Staying hydrated is important throughout your travels, but it is vital to have some water in your car


 Water Bottle 

A great accessory for any road trip is a hanging toiletry bag that can easily carry all your essentials


Hanging Toiletry Bag

A first aid kit is a boring but essential addition to any road trip.


First Aid Kit – medication and sickness tablets

Next up on the road trip essentials list are some rolls of toilet paper. While not the most glamorous of items


Toilet Paper