Top 6 Methods for Acquiring Free Stocks

Grow wealth with stocks. Get free stocks, no upfront costs. Sign up or complete actions on vetted platforms. SEC and FINRA registered brokers.

House sitting

Access real-time market data, analysis tools. Zero-commission, zero-minimum structure. Sign up, deposit $100 for up to 12 free stocks. Investing made easy.


Invest easily with Plynk's intuitive app. Start with $1, get a $10 bonus, and a matched deposit up to $100. Stocks, funds, and more. Learn and exchange gift cards.


No-commission trading app with up-to-date market data, free tools, and 9,000+ OTC stocks. Get free stocks, smart tools, and zero fees.


Invest, connect with traders, and learn. Commission-free trades, themes, alternative assets. Get a free stock with $20 deposit. 95% chance of reward.

Reselling items

Commission-free trades, intuitive design, news feeds, and a Cash Management feature. Get a free stock bonus of $5 to $200 upon signing up.


Free stock trading platform with commission-free trades, intuitive interface, community tools, virtual trading, and earning opportunities.

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Side Hustle


Paying off Debt

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