Prepare for a joyful road trip, whether near or far. Check out my essential list for a hassle-free journey in your own or new destinations

Insurance Card

Driver’s License, Registration & 

carry driver's license, registration & insurance card. Stay prepared for law enforcement, accidents, and insurance needs.

Car Charger

Ensure your phone stays charged on road trips with a car charger. Don't miss out on navigation, traffic updates, or finding essential stops.

Emergency Toolkit with Spare Tire and Jack

Stay prepared on road trips with an emergency toolkit, spare tire, and jack. Quick repairs mean less waiting time and getting back on the road faster.

Travel Pillows and Throws

Travel pillows & throws enhance road trip comfort, ensuring restful sleep during unforeseen stops or traffic delays. Ready for more adventure.

Car Garbage Bin

Keep your road trip clean and comfortable with a pop-up car garbage bin, conveniently storing trash and food waste on long journeys.

Empty Gas Can

An essential for road trips, an empty gas can in your trunk ensures you can walk or hitch a ride to the nearest station when you run out of fuel.

Windscreen Covers

Protect your windshield from extreme weather and keep your car cooler. Added privacy ensures belongings stay hidden. Ideal for travel.

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