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Understanding Property Taxes: Assessing 

What Are Property Taxes

Property tax is a local tax on real estate or personal property. Amount varies by assessed value and location. Rates differ by state and municipality.

How Property Taxes Are Calculated

Property taxes are determined by assessed market value, not income. They're ad-valorem local or county taxes, unaffected by personal earnings.

Differentiating The Two

Property Tax and Real Estate Tax: 

Property tax includes real estate taxes, but it encompasses all property types, while real estate tax specifically refers to land and buildings.

Where Do Property Tax Funds Go

Property taxes support various government programs, funding schools, roads, emergency services, and more, improving communities for all.

How To Calculate Property Tax Rates

Calculating property taxes involves determining the taxable value and multiplying it by the tax rate. For a $200,000 home with a 1.5% rate, expect $3,000 annually.

Determining Property Tax Exemptions

Property tax exemptions can ease burden. Homestead, disability, senior citizen, and religious exemptions available. Save on taxes, qualify today.

How To Pay Property Tax Fees

Use escrow for lenders or pay directly to tax office online or by mail. Stay on top of due dates for annual or quarterly payments.

Stay in The Know

Stay on top of property taxes to avoid fees and trouble. Review statements, meet payment deadlines, budget for taxes, and contact tax office for queries.

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