The Entrepreneur Series: Modeling and Acting

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Hello everyone. Happy September. I hope that you are doing well. What better way to start the month off than with the next installment of the Entrepreneur Series? If you’re new here, this series features an entrepreneur or side hustler. I give them the chance to tell their story. Today, you will be learning more about Darryl Chambers.

Male Model, Actor, and Host Darryl Chambers is a native of Valley, AL and has been in the
Entertainment Industry since 2009. At the age of 30, Darryl has been fortunate enough to work
throughout the industry landing small feature roles and even doing behind the scenes stand-in work on popular shows such as BET’s “The Game” as a San Diego Saber, Jumanji, B.E.T.’s “The Quad”, and “Star” on FOX. Some of his bigger acting gigs include the Independent film “XXI O’Day” where he plays the role of “Ronald” who the opposite of Jonica “BLU” Boothe from Bad Girls Club.

How did you get into modeling and acting?

I initially got into modeling when one of my mother’s co-workers (who later became an adopted Aunt in my words) saw my senior prom photo back in 2008. After seeing my prom photo, she suggested that I give modeling a try; although it was never anything that I wanted to try at all, I gave it a shot and it went from there.

After modeling for a couple of years, I decided that I wanted to give something else in entertainment a try, so acting was next on my list to try. Acting was nothing that was on my radar to do either, but I knew that it would be a challenging, wild adventure to tackle, so I went for it. I began doing strictly background work in order to see how the industry, being on set, and behind the scenes worked. Once learning a lot of different things about the acting world I began working on a few indie films and that led to some commercials as well as music videos etc.

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How long have you been doing it?

I’ve been doing entertainment all together for 12 years.

What has been your favorite role or shoot?

My favorite role thus far has been my role on TV One’s “For My Man”. “For My Man” is a reenactment crime show of actual crimes that have occurred with real people. I had the opportunity of playing the lead role in that particular episode. This was my first national television appearance, so that’s why it’s my favorite role thus far.
My favorite shoot to date would be my Kontrol Magazine shoot with model, host, and actress Toccata Jones. This is my favorite shoot because it was very unexpected. I received a random email from the good people over at Kontrol Magazine asking if I would be interested in the feature, and the rest was history. This particular magazine surfaced all over and allowed me the opportunity to expand my modeling career drastically because it was so early on in my modeling career.
modeling and acting

How do you find opportunities?

The majority of my gigs come from previous networking that I’ve done. I’ve built relationships with people to the point where they will reach out to me now without me having to reach out first. Social media also plays a major part with me booking gigs because it’s a way for me to promote myself as well as to reach out to certain people in certain positions who cast for certain things.

Describe an audition process.

An audition process is a process that calls for a lot of preparation. In most cases, you or your agent will submit you to a project. If there’s any interest you will receive a script to read from the casting director, and you tape your audition, Next, you send it in, and hopefully, you will receive a call back to come in for an in-person audition which will put you in the position to book the gig. After you audition it’s all about waiting on the call that all actors want saying that you landed the role.

How has your industry been effected because of COVID?

My industry has definitely been affected by COVID. All production shut down beside a few music video productions. Things are slowly trying to get back on track now, but several major productions are still at a halt.

Do you have any tips for anyone wanting to get into the industry?

The tips that I have for anyone looking to get into the industry is to first off know that there are no shortcuts. Secondly, do research on anything that you do as well as anyone that you deal with. There’s a lot that comes with this industry and a lot of false perceptions of the business as well as people in it. Lastly, I advise anyone wanting to do this to study the craft and network like crazy.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself having major roles on several of our favorite shows, owning a few businesses, and being mentioned in several households around the globe.

How can people get in contact with you?

Instagram: Onenonlydc
Facebook: Darryl Chambers
Twitter: Onenonlydc
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