30 Interesting & Weird Things Sold on eBay

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weird things sold on eBayI sell many sports-related items on eBay because that’s one thing I know a lot about. I love sports. Because of that, I know what people like to buy. I also sell a lot of other stuff, including board games and coffee mugs. You’d be surprised at what people buy and sell on eBay. Today, I want to share 30 interesting & weird things sold on eBay. A few of them may shock you.

30 Weird Things Sold on eBay

1. 1980s Boombox

Vintage boomboxes seem to be a good-selling item. Some people like to collect them. Others use the boom boxes as props for movies or plays. The one in the picture above sold for $450. That’s a very good flip.

2. Texas Instrument Calculators

Teas instrument calculators sell for a decent amount of money. I’m not sure what the retail is for this one, but it sold for $40.

3. Folding Chair from Chicago Stadium

Chicago Stadium was the home of the Chicago Blackhawks and Bulls until 1994. It’s been closed for 24 years, but I guess the nostalgia lives on. This chair sold for $150.

4. Potato Chips

Someone purchased a half-eaten thing of potato chips. I see that the listing benefits charity, but it’s still weird.

5. Clermont Hotel Sign

The Clermont Lounge is a famous adult establishment in Atlanta. There was originally a hotel within the building, but it closed (It was recently renovated and just opened). The picture above shows someone who paid $6700 for the original hotel sign. I wish I could find a sign that would sell for that much.

6. Crown Royal Bags

This one right here is for my drinkers. If you drink Crown Royal and have been throwing the bags away, you may want to hold on to them. This set of six bags sold for $50.

7. Dreadlocks

weird things sold on eBay

Dreadlocks are the next item on this list of interesting things to sell on eBay. This might be one of the weirdest things to sell on eBay.I know that hair can be big business, but I didn’t realize that people were getting over $200 for their dreads. I may need to grow my hair out to make some extra cash.

8. Toilet Paper Tissue Rolls

Toilet paper tissue rolls sell on eBay fairly well. They can be used for projects in arts and crafts classes. The lot of 100 sold for $18. That’s not a lot of money, but it’s better than just throwing them out. It may take a while to save 100 rolls, but if you’re patient, it may be worth it.

9. Empty Liquor Bottle

Next up on the list of interesting things sold on eBay are liquor bottles. People are actually buying empty liquor bottles. I’m really not sure why. Maybe they use them as props or something. I can’t see people making too much money from them. You can get a bottle from the liquor store and save it once the liquor is finished.

10. Expired Camera Film

weird things sold on eBay

Expired film is another interesting item that sells on eBay. Some people still use older cameras. Even if the film is expired, it still may work. This lot sold for $45. They probably just had it sitting around their house.

11. Fart in a Jar

I have no words for this one. First, who would come up with the idea to sell a fart in a jar? Second, who would purchase it? This is another one of the weirdest items to sell on eBay. Hopefully, it was just a joke.

12. Gold Grill

Gold teeth are not one size fits all. I’m shocked someone paid $400 for a top and bottom grill. Who knows if it’s even real gold?

13. Haunted Doll

The next item on the list is a haunted doll. It sold for $20. I wonder how the seller knows it’s haunted. Did it make their lights flicker? Did their bedroom door open or close by itself? I also have questions about the buyer. Why would you want something like that in your home? I’m all about positive vibes. Having something haunted would negate that.

14. John Deere Trucker Hat

I know people brought trucker hats, but look at what this John Deere hat sold for. I could do a lot with $880 bucks. The person that paid for the hat is probably a vintage hat collector or something.

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15. Ku Klux Klan Sheet Music

weird things sold on eBay

This one is a little wild to me. Someone sold some KKK sheet music for $75. A composer could have purchased it for an upcoming movie or something, but who knows?

16. Cell Phone Charger and Cable Lot

The next item is a charger and cable lot. It sold for $12. I have a lot of extra chargers and cables around the house. I need to list them.

17. Cow Manure

Someone actually purchased this crap, no pun intended. This is another item that has me thinking, what in the world? I wouldn’t try to sell manure. That’s just nasty.

18. Old Board Games

I started selling board games last year. This collector’s edition version of Monopoly did very well. I sometimes find new board games in thrift stores, but they aren’t like this one. That was a fantastic flip.

19. Moto Razr

The Motorola Razr phone is why I didn’t purchase a Motorola brand phone for over seven years. At the time, the Razr was one of the hottest phones on the market. After a while, they became trash. After my fourth one in less than a year and a half, I was done with them. I’m shocked that someone paid $40 for that horrible phone.

20. OJ Simpson Autograph

Athlete autographs can sell a decent amount of coins depending on who it is. Someone purchased this OJ Simpson signature for $20.

21. Stadium Turf

The Orange Bowl was the home of the University of Miami football team. The Orange Bowl demolished a few years ago. As you saw earlier, people like to get souvenirs from stadiums. This piece of turf from the Orange Bowl stadium sold for $159.

22. Neon Sign

Neon signs sell pretty well. The Pabst (PBR) sign sold for $379. With items, I’d only do local pick-up. Trying to ship it would be a pain.

If you want to customize your own neon signs yourself, you can come to neonsigns.com and choose your favorite colors, shapes, and font styles. You can use them to decorate your garden, office, or bedroom to create an ambiance and make your space more attractive at night (and during the day)!

23. Rare Money

Working in a bank allowed me to see some unique money from time to time. I even got a chance to swap my money for a few bills. This red seal $5 bill sold for $51.

24. Dirt

I typed in the word dirt, which popped up in the sold section. I’m not sure if people are actually eating it or not. What shocks me the most is that 13 packages of it have been sold.

25. Game Consoles

Some of my friends are games. I haven’t played a video game in probably ten years.  PlayStation and X-Box are two of the popular consoles, but this classic Super Nintendo sold for $680.

26. Talkboy

If you’ve seen Home Alone 2, you know what a Talkboy is. It was one of the hottest toys around after the movie came out. Apparently, it’s still hot because this one sold for $167.50. I wish I still had my old one. I would have listed it a long time ago.

27. Vintage Tampons

Vintage Tampons are another interesting item that sells on eBay. This is another thing that people can use as props in movies. This pack of tampons from the 1980’s sold for $24.

28. Dentures

This used upper denture sold for $40. I’m not even going to attempt to figure out this one.

29. Vintage Pampers

Like the vintage tampons from earlier, the pampers are probably used for movie props. This package of pampers from 1987 sold for $911. It had 62 bids meaning that it was a very popular item.

30. Worn Panties

Some people have some weird fetishes out there. Buying worn panties has to be one. I’m not sure why anybody would buy those. This pair, supposedly from Selena Gomez, sold for $49.

As you can see, people will buy anything. This list of thirty interesting things sold on eBay was eye-opening for me. I knew people were into weird things, but a couple of them were just nasty. There are tons of things to sell on eBay. Figure out what you want to list and get started today.

What is one of the most interesting or weird things sold on eBay that you’ve seen?



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