From Broke to Boss: Side Gigs that Pay Big

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Young people are often told that a university degree is the golden ticket to a high-paying job. This narrative, instilled through the education system and reinforced by parents, no longer holds true in today’s job market. 

While education is essential and the university experience is invaluable, relying solely on a degree to secure financial success is outdated. Instead, students should consider starting side hustles that have the potential to grow into significant income streams. 

Here, we explore seven side gigs that can transform your financial future.

Faceless Short Form Content

Ever heard of teens raking in cash from social media? We’re talking hundreds of thousands a month without even showing their faces. They mastered Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok by creating content that’s anything but boring—tailored for the algorithms. “I swear to god, I’m coming for you,” they said, and they delivered.

Why Short Form Content Works

During the pandemic, TikTok skyrocketed in popularity, sparking fierce competition among social media platforms for user attention. These platforms are now in dire need of content creators and are willing to pay handsomely for engaging content. This presents a unique opportunity for anyone willing to dive in.

Getting Started

Creating successful short-form content requires an understanding of human psychology and the ability to craft compelling hooks. The process involves more than just cutting up existing videos; it’s about adding value through voiceovers, music, and editing. Consistent posting and experimenting with various niches can lead to significant growth.


●     Time to Learn: 4/5 – While the basics are simple, mastering the art of viral content takes time.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – Platforms are currently generous with payouts, making earning $1,000 per month relatively easy.


While not a traditional side hustle, investing can be a powerful way to build wealth. You can accumulate significant wealth over time by consistently buying into the market, even with modest amounts. It’s also essential to consider your credit score. For instance, you might wonder, “is a 775 credit score good?” Well, a good credit score can help you secure funds to expand your investment portfolio and make informed investment choices.

The Power of Dollar Cost Averaging

Regardless of the market’s state, dollar cost averaging involves consistently investing a set sum of money. Over time, this strategy averages out the cost of your investments, potentially leading to substantial returns. For example, investing $200 a month in an index fund with an average annual return of 10% could grow to over $1.2 million in 40 years.

Getting Started with Index Funds

Index funds track a specific market index and are a beginner-friendly investment method. They offer diversification and lower risk compared to individual stocks. Many investment apps, like Trading 212, allow you to automate your investments, making it easy to build wealth without constant monitoring.


●     Time to Learn: 1/5 – Basic investment concepts are straightforward to grasp.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – You can start with as little as $1.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – Consistent investing can yield significant returns, though it requires patience and discipline.

Discord Building

Consider a young entrepreneur who earns thousands of dollars a month by building and managing Discord servers. Originally for gamers, Discord has become a versatile communication platform used by various communities and businesses.

The Opportunity in Discord

As Discord’s popularity grows, many people, especially those unfamiliar with the platform, need help setting up and managing servers. This creates a demand for skilled individuals who can offer these services.

How to Get Started

Learning the basics of Discord is relatively quick, but mastering advanced features takes more time. Joining multiple communities can help you understand what makes a successful server. Offering your services for free when starting out can build your reputation and lead to paying clients.


●     Time to Learn: 2.5/5 – You can learn basic skills in a few hours, but advanced skills take longer.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – A computer is all you need to get started.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – With the right clients, earning $1,000 per month is achievable with just a few clients on a retainer.

Online Coaching

Have you ever heard of someone ditching a high-paying job to become an online coach, pulling in thousands monthly? It’s not just fitness—any skill can work. If you’re passionate and exciting, why not? Nobody’s sticking around for boring. Dive in and make it happen.

The Growing Market for Online Coaching

Online coaching has exploded in popularity, offering flexibility and the potential for substantial income. People are willing to pay for personalized guidance and support in terms of fitness, business, or other skills.

Getting Started

Identify a skill you can teach and package it in an easy-to-understand way. Offer personalized plans and regular check-ins to provide value to your clients. Building a strong online presence through social media can attract more clients.


●     Time to Learn: 2/5 – If you already have a skill, learning to coach others is relatively straightforward.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – A laptop and internet connection are all you need.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – Personalized coaching can quickly lead to significant income.

AI Animation

AI animation is a burgeoning field, with some skilled animators making thousands of dollars a month creating animations using AI tools like ChatGPT and MidJourney.

Why AI Animation is Lucrative

AI is transforming industries, including animation. Despite the hype, few businesses have fully adopted AI, making it a prime opportunity for early adopters. As AI tools become more accessible, the demand for AI-driven content is expected to grow.

Getting Started

Mastering animation skills takes time, but AI tools can help streamline the process. Building a portfolio and networking within the industry are crucial to securing clients.


●     Time to Learn: 4/5 – Mastering animation skills requires dedication, even with AI tools.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – AI tools are becoming more affordable, reducing the barrier to entry.

●     Earning Potential: 2/5 – As AI adoption grows, the potential for earning increases.

Reselling Luxury Items

Reselling luxury items has become a multimillion-dollar business. The luxury resale market is booming, driven by social media culture and a growing interest in designer labels.

The Appeal of Luxury Resale

Reselling luxury items offer high-profit margins and access to a global market. Identifying authentic items and understanding market trends are key to success.

Getting Started

Learning to identify genuine luxury items and understanding market dynamics is essential. Starting with lower-priced items and gradually moving up can help build your business. Leveraging social media for marketing can attract a broad customer base.


●     Time to Learn: 4/5 – Identifying genuine luxury items requires significant knowledge and skill.

●     Initial Investment: 3.5/5 – High-end items can be expensive, requiring a substantial initial investment.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – High profit margins mean that even a few sales can generate substantial income.

Online Writing

Want to be a writer who earns over $10,000 a month by catering to the demand for quality content? Unlike traditional writing, online freelance writing focuses on what’s in demand and where the readers are.

The Demand for Online Writing

Content is king, and businesses constantly need quality writers for blogs, social media, and more. Copywriting, in particular, is a high-demand skill that can command significant fees.

Getting Started

Building a portfolio and finding clients are the first steps. Offering unique, high-quality content can set you apart from the competition. Networking and building relationships in the industry can lead to more opportunities.


●     Time to Learn: 5/5 – Writing is a skill that takes time to master.

●     Initial Investment: 1/5 – A computer and internet connection are all you need.

●     Earning Potential: 1/5 – Skilled writers can command high fees and generate substantial income.


University degrees, while valuable, are no longer a guaranteed path to financial success. Exploring side gigs can provide significant income opportunities and economic independence. Whether it’s creating short-form content, investing, building Discord servers, online coaching, AI animation, reselling luxury items, or online writing, there are countless ways to turn your skills and interests into profitable ventures. 

Start today, and you might be going from broke to boss sooner than you think.