Exploring Popular Niches for Starting a Blog in 2024 and Beyond

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Starting a blog can be a potential side hustle and a way to bring in income through sponsorship and advertising. People are excited about creating a new blog because they can call it their own and focus on whatever they want – but which niches are popular right now?

Bloggers who want to make money and become successful should stick to something they have some care and passion for, as they are more likely to have interesting insights and things to share about it. On top of that, the passion will help them stick to it, as blogging is not always easy.


The gambling niche is what we’d refer to as “evergreen,” as it has had constant appeal throughout the years. Gambling blogs cater to a unique audience and can focus on one specific part of the industry. With the rise of online casinos and new ways to gamble, the niche is growing, and millions of people are looking for information.

This could be an option for people with some knowledge or interest in the gambling world. The online casino industry has many facets, and people can focus on things like game reviews. Hundreds of new slots are released yearly, giving people more ways to play and interested players looking for more info.

Some can monetize this kind of blog, which may come from ads on the blog. People may also provide information via YouTube videos and social media to find their audience.

Gambling blogs may be specific and focus on one game or one style of play. People who have a unique take or specialism might be able to share this knowledge via their blog. Gambling is an industry that is growing in the US and the opportunities are still for content creation.

Food and Cooking

Everyone needs to eat! Food blogs are a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Whether you’re a gourmet chef or your approach is cooking hacks that make for an easy life, there are loads of options for blogging.

Food blogs may share recipes, things like reviews, or even travel. Top food photography and detailed recipe instructions can attract a loyal readership.

Maybe there’s one field of cooking you specialize in, like baking. There’s a vast niche here with people looking for recipes as well as any tips they can use for their home baking. Food networks are often very good for finding advertisers, too.

People who are just looking to start their own blog may find food an accessible way to start creating content and sharing it with friends.


Do you love to take loads of pictures when you travel? Maybe you are the sort of person who leaves reviews on Tripadvisor for people to do their own research before a holiday. Travel blogging is a dream niche for many. It’s not just about visiting exotic locations; it’s about sharing experiences.

Travel sites serve a beneficial purpose and can offer practical advice on travel whether someone is on a budget or looking for the utmost in luxury. If you travel, it is possible that you could start this kind of blog, or perhaps you live in a place people like to visit. You can transport your readers to new places with stunning photographs and engaging narratives.

Travel blogs have the potential for partnerships with tourism companies and things like hotels, which can be a way to make some money as a side hustle.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty blogs are huge niches online for YouTubers and bloggers – it’s perfect for those with a flair for style. Share your fashion tips or your take on trend forecasts with readers looking to enhance their style and beauty regimes.

There are lots of subniches here, and people may focus on everyday style, or they might look to other niches like sustainable fashion, but there’s plenty of potential audience for your perspective. Beauty blogs can delve into skincare routines and many more areas of beauty.

Some of the top fashion and beauty bloggers even become popular and famous in their own right, with people following their social media profiles. Some fashion or beauty bloggers have even launched their own products with the audiences they build.


The answer regarding which blog niche could be the best for you will come down to personal choice, and the blog should be in a field you’re interested in. People have many different options now, and some of the quirky blogs out there are in specialist fields, from toy collecting to pets and much more. If you have a flair for writing, it is worth trying to connect with the audience.