How to Survive Memorial Day Weekend in Miami

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Memorial day weekend in Miami

Miami is my favorite city in the country. It’s the home of the Heat, Marlins, Dolphins, and South Beach. If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you know that I love Miami. It’s something about that city. I can’t get enough of that city. The weather is typically good year-round. There is always something to do. I’ve had a lot of fun times down there.

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami is a huge event. There are tons of Miami Memorial Day Weekend events going on from Thursday – to Monday. I’ve visited the city twice during MDW. I was in my twenties both times. If you’re in your twenties, you may want to visit Miami during Memorial Day Weekend with your friends. In today’s post, I share with you how to survive Memorial Day Weekend in Miami.

Check out the city

There is always something to do in Miami and the surrounding areas. Browsing the shops at the Lincoln Road Mall, walking down Collins Avenue, or even visiting the Tootsies are just a few. There are things to do on the beach and in the city. If you need a break from the mega crowds, you can take the quick drive north to Sunny Isles, Hollywood, or Fort Lauderdale. All three of those cities have nice beaches and fun things to do.

Be Patient

People from all over the country will visit Memorial Day Weekend in Miami. With people staying as far as Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, you are guaranteed to see a lot of crowds and traffic. The lines to some of the bars will be longer than they are during Spring Break! If you go to the club during MDW weekend, leave early. For the most part, the people in the crowds are there just to have a good time. With anything, use common sense. Watch out for pickpockets and scammers.

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Check the Weather

During that time of the year, the weather is usually great. Who am I kidding? The weather is always great in Miami. With high temperatures in the 80’s, what is there not to like? Make sure you have sunscreen with you because you don’t want to get burned.

Book Tickets Early

Numerous hip-hop and R&B artists will be in town for MDW. Many will host parties at the clubs or perform near South Beach. This might be your chance if you’ve ever wanted to party or see them. You can check Eventbrite to see what events are happening while you’re there. Also, check out StubHub. Sometimes, they have better deals than Ticketmaster.

Price Gouging

This usually happens with any holiday. MDW is no different. The same party that will be thrown by your favorite rapper that would typically start at $25 per entry will now be at least $50. Also, hotel prices will be a lot higher than normal. A room that usually costs $140 per night may be more than double that price. The rooms cost higher the closer you get to the South Beach area.

One way to beat some of the price gougings is to book your rooms in advance. Since Memorial Day is in May, I’d try to have my room booked by the end of February. The last time I went to Miami Memorial Day Weekend, I booked a room at HomeAway. They were much cheaper than the local hotels out there. Airbnb is another option. You can search to see if rooms or houses are available during that time. You can get $40 off your first booking if you are a new user. Sign up for Airbnb HERE.


Parking already sucks on South Beach. It is ten times worse during Memorial Day Weekend. You’re better off walking to most places. If your destination is too far, you can use Uber or take a taxi. The two times I spent Memorial Day Weekend in Miami, I stayed within walking distance of most of the places I was trying to go. I didn’t need a car that weekend. I made sure that I stayed in South Beach. If you can, do the same thing. You’ll save a lot of money doing that.

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Be Careful

I’ve never had a problem in Miami during MDW at all. Having many rappers, Instagram models, and fake D-boys come in from all over the country; I could see how something could happen, though. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been too much violence down there. Hopefully, it stays that way. It’s been a few years since I’ve been down there. A quick Google search should be able to show you recent crime statistics. Most people are down there to party and have a good time anyway.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is key. It’s going to be 80 degrees during the day. If you’re walking and hitting up different bars, don’t forget to drink water. Dehydration is real. You don’t want to be that person that has to go to the hospital on vacation. Make sure that you have some water with you or in your room.

This post should help you survive Memorial Day weekend in Miami. It’s a fun experience if you’re in your twenties or possibly early thirties. Once you turn a certain age, this event probably won’t be for you. Honestly, unless I get paid to attend, I’ll never go to Miami for MDW again. I’ve been there and done that. I also can’t hang out as I used to, either. I can’t imagine staying out until 5 or 6 in the morning.

Have you ever been to Miami for MDW? If so, how was your experience?

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Here’s some sunscreen that you can use. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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