Side Hustle Series: Making Money Charging Scooters

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Happy October everyone! Three months left to go in 2019. It doesn’t feel like fall at all here in Atlanta. I want to start this month off with a bang. Today’s post is the next installment of the Side Hustle Series. I had a chance to interview a young brother who has made a killing by making money charging Bird & Lime scooters.

MJ Bridges is a high school math teacher and HBCU graduate who resides in Atlanta, GA. MJ became “Young & Debt Free” on August 16, 2019, after eliminating $96,942 of student loan and consumer debt in 5.5 years.

MJ’s success with debt elimination is credited to self-discipline and side-hustling. In the last 9 months alone MJ has side hustled over $26,000 from charging electric scooters such as bird and lime. Let’s get started with the interview.

How did you get into side hustling?

One day I was taking a run through the hood and I saw this guy throwing scooters onto the bed of his pick-up truck.  I then saw a YouTube video of individuals from the L.A area sharing their story of making $2500 per month. At that moment, I said “SIGN ME UP!”

How many different side hustles have you done?

Well, I have always had other jobs during my debt-free journey such as tutoring and working at a night club. However, this is the only one where I can dictate when I want to work.  But, 4 jobs.

What has been your best side hustle to date?

Hands down, the scooters!!!! I love this!!!

Why have charging scooters worked for you?

It has worked for me because:
  • I dedicated the time – Sacrificed majority of my social life and my one and only goal is to make money!
  • My location – I live in a scooter heavy neighborhood
  • My apartment happens to be next to the elevator
  • I have established a routine
  • I also keep up with e-scooter news

How many scooter companies are there out there?

In Atlanta, there are 6 e-scooter companies with permits.

How has the scooter game changed since you started?

It has changed so much and I think for the best.
A. Since I have started, e-scooters have become widely popular and almost NORMAL in cities across America.
Lawmakers are now accepting that these are the future! The term Micro-mobility is out and present!
B. There are 4 more scooter companies in ATL! When I started it was only Bird and Lime.
C. They have increased their fleet size. Most companies have the max of 2,000 scooters per company on the streets of ATL.
D. They have made significant changes to my job as a charger such as later times to release and updated software.

What would you tell someone that’s just starting out?

Create a routine and learn the neighborhoods!

You’re debt-free now, how does that feel?

It feels AMAZING!!! I do not know how else to feel. I’ve been on this journey for 5.5 years! It is crazy! All I do is look at Real Estate apps now. It’s time to jump into the real estate and investment game!

What kept you motivated during this journey?

My vision has kept me motivated! I am big on creating the life you want and desire. I wrote it down. I manifested it and I worked hard to get here!

Anything else people should know?

Simply, cut out the “extra” outings and travel from your social life! If you can sacrifice a year of social activities, less shopping, frugal living, and side hustling- You can improve your financial life by 3-5 years! Of course, this looks different for everyone.

How can people get in contact with you?

Follow me on Instagram @younganddebtfreeatl 
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  1. This is an amazing post and very inspirational. I am on my journey to debt freedom and it is always motivating to hear stories like this. Great job!

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  2. A good thing to know is when it comes to the side hustle. there’s all kinds of money making oppy’s. 🙂

    1. Exactly!! There are all types of side hustles out there.

      1. And that’s a good thing to know Jason. In my last blog comment, I meant to say “slacked,” not slapped. I’m creating more content now about six affiliate and networks publishers should consider joining. Feel free to join the site and enter feedback anytime. 🙂

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